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by T. Cuevas



The intensely transformative energy continues this month with the sun in Aquarius – the sign associated most with rebellion, social upheaval and freedom. And, with three planets in combative Aries this month, a hefty dose of flared up tempers.

At a social level, Aquarius is the desire for freedom, fairness and inclusivity. More than any other sign, Aquarius is connected to the global, not the individual, and is more concerned with the future than the present. This big-picture view allows Aquarians to thrive in the midst of chaos, as long as they think it’s for the purpose of creating a better system that works for the whole.

At a personal level, Aquarius is associated with eccentricity, brilliance and truthfulness. It encourages us to not only embrace our own authenticity and what makes us different, but also to accept others in an equal manner.
Under Aquarius, art is at its best when it’s subversive, controversial and highly unique. Global themes and social issues take priority, as does anything that provokes thought, conversation and change.

ARIES march 21 - april 20

It’s a powerful month for Aries artists, full of energy, activity and intensity. You’ll need to find a channel for all that energy – work with your body and really challenge yourself mentally and physically; otherwise you could mistake that passion for anger or anxiety. This is also the perfect time to go all out for causes you believe in. Your art could serve the world in meaningful ways and you could be a powerful spokesperson for those who need it. Collectors and gallerists that might have been feeling restricted by others or outer circumstances, this is the time to focus only on what you can control and not sweat what you can’t. Deals and talks could be conflictive around the 22nd, handle those before then, preferably the first couple of weeks of the month. Inspiration peaks around the 14th.

TAURUS april 21 - may 20

This month could be pivotal for Taurus artists’ careers. Their intuition is at an all-time high and their inner guidance and subconscious will be particularly helpful in guiding their next career steps. You can find inspiration by paying attention to your emotions. Use those as your GPS, they’ll tell you when you’re off your mark. Make sure your choices reflect who you authentically are and not what others expect from you. If you’re not yet where you want to be, examine whether there are any fears of being seen and being in the spotlight. Use the new moon on the 26th to set your intentions for the future. Collectors and gallerists can make huge strides and make their mark. You’re a great communicator and social gatherings will also benefit you immensely. Use the days around the 10th for public speaking. Inspiration sky rockets around the 13th.

GEMINI may 21- june 20

Gemini artists might be feeling adventurous and restless this month, with a need for more intense experiences. Watch that this need for intensity doesn’t result in getting involved in drama that isn’t yours. Be very selective with who you associate right now and choose to spend your time with only those who uplift you. Understand your need for emotional intensity is a need for passion and engagement. Work with things that really challenge you and push your buttons. Travel if possible and get inspiration from foreign places or, if staying local, explore places you haven’t seen before. Collectors and gallerists can use the days around the 21st to focus on plans for expansion, you’re confident and optimistic at this time and can attract the right people to you. Traveling for business might be a good idea at this time. Inspiration is high all month, but especially around the 20th.

CANCER june 21- july 20

Ambition, determination and creativity are high for Cancer artists this month. You can be an especially effective advocate for yourself at this time, use the opportunity to network. Focus on transformation and letting go of anything that doesn’t serve you. Make your life lighter – examine your possessions and find what you can let go of, including old attitudes or even attachment to a certain style of work or media. This is a great time to really go deep within yourself and examine where you’ve been selling yourself short. The full moon on the 11th brings inspiration but also makes you more emotional than usual, take a big-picture view, especially about your finances. Collectors and gallerists can use the days around the new moon on the 26th to start projects involving international artists or audiences. Plans for travel or expansion would best be made then.

LEO july 21- august 20

This is a great month for relationships for Leo artists. It’s time to work in partnership and expand your circle of trust. Let yourself rely on others and achieve goals collaboratively. You don’t have to do things alone. Things seem to flow this month if you let go of the reins a bit. You could feel a transformation in your life philosophy or the principles you live by, resulting in increased faith and optimism. Travel if you can as it’ll expand your mind even further. The days around the 14th are great for taking on increased responsibilities and committing to your chosen path. Collectors and gallerists might find this a great time for business talks and deals. Inspiration skyrockets around the 11th with the full moon in your own sign. You might be feeling more emotional than usual, but creativity and charisma are especially high.

VIRGO august 21 - september 20

Virgo artists can be hugely productive this month, this is a great time to tackle the very challenging, detail-oriented projects. It’s a comfortable time for Virgo, when they get to really dive into work, into streamlining, making things better. This month marries both creativity and productivity. Writing projects are especially favored as your analytical mind is enhanced right now. Watch your tongue around the 16th when others might seem to be too slow for you, take a deep breath and pick your battles. Confidence is high and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to shine. Collectors and gallerists can be feeling especially competitive right now, public speaking would really pay off right now. You have an increased ability to present your ideas confidently especially around the 21st. Plan and strategize between the 12th and 17th. Inspiration and words come easiest around the 10th.

LIBRA september 21 - october 20

Libra artists have a hugely creative month ahead. You can strike a balance between play and work, with play filling your creative well and the ability to put it into form. Your relationships are especially dynamic and passionate this month. If anything had been left unsaid, now is the time to say it. Don’t bury your head in the sand, honest communication will be incredibly liberating and improve your connection to others. This is the time for assertiveness and clear boundaries. Keep your center as some people might seem disruptive to your normal way of doing things. This would be a great time for collectors and gallerists to host shows and socialize with their peers. Charisma is at an all-time high and you can present yourself in the very best light. Business talks especially fruitful around the 10th. Inspiration is especially high around the 11th and 26th.


SCORPIO october 21 - november 20

It’s a good time for deep introspection and some alone time for Scorpio artists. Taking good care of yourself physically and mentally should be the priority right now. Rest and quiet time will re-energize you and leave you feeling more at peace and in harmony with the world. If you’re having trouble sleeping, make sure to dim lights and turn off electronics around you at least an hour before bed. Ideas and creativity will flourish with good self-care and a healthy work routine. Collectors and gallerists need to be very diplomatic in their business-related talks and watch that ego doesn’t cause them to miss out on a good thing. Take a breather and be very practical, there are great opportunities coming your way and you’ll have the energy and confidence to take advantage of them. First week of the month is great for deals. Inspiration is especially high around the 26 and 27th.

SAGITTARIUS november 21 - december 20

It’s a lively, action-filled month for Sagittarian artists, who will find plenty of excitement and inspiration to keep them busy. You won’t need to go too far to feel engaged, staying local and connecting to your community and neighbors will be very rewarding. This month is about mental expansion and communication. Public speaking will come more naturally than ever, you can lead and entertain a crowd even more than usual. Your intellect is sharp and debating will be second nature, but try to pick your battles or your energy will be dissipated in the non-important. Teaching would be excellent right now, as would taking classes in new media and honing your digital skills. Collectors and gallerists can take this time to revamp their marketing plans and websites, it’s a great time to brush up on your communication/salesmanship skills. Inspiration is especially high and business does exceptionally well around the 11th.

CAPRICORN december 21 - january 20

Capricorn artists might feel an increased need for security this month, whether it’s financial, emotional or in relationships. To that end, it’s an excellent time to deal with budgets, brainstorm ways to increase your income or even find an additional source of income. You could also find helping others get organized to be very rewarding. Increased responsibility and demand is likely, so you might be extremely busy with profitable projects. Whatever you do, make sure to give yourself time to build that security you need, pamper yourself and treat yourself well. Inspiration comes from connecting to nature, which will help you stay grounded in the midst of change. Collectors and gallerists can do great business this month, work with accountants and budget planners. This is a great time to get help with marketing as well. Business talks and deals can be especially fruitful around the 14th. Inspiration peaks around the 12th.

AQUARIUS january 21 - february 20

This is the time for Aquarian artists to embrace the spotlight. Your communication skills are at their peak and ideas come easily. Your authenticity can inspire others to be themselves and you can be a pioneer in your field. If what you’re doing doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere, it’s because you’re breaking new ground for others to follow. Follow your heart, your passion for social causes and issues will lead you to where you really should be. At this point, it’s very important that your work mean something and involves something greater than yourself, accept the inspiration that you’re being given. Collectors and gallerists can do extremely well this month especially if they allow themselves to be as original as they want to be, without thinking too much about how it’ll be received. It’s an ideal time to host shows and events. Business does great around the 14th. Inspiration is especially high around the 9th.  

PISCES february 21 - march 20

Pisces artists should take this time to go inward and use the opportunity to rest, dream and brainstorm future projects. Huge creativity is bubbling to the surface now, pay attention to your subconscious and your dreams. Keep a dream journal if possible. Spiritual practices like meditation would be very soothing to your nervous system, which might be a little agitated right now. This is a time of expansion in consciousness, where you can grow past the self-created walls you’d run up against before. Imagine possibilities and let yourself be open. Collectors and gallerists can do great this month, especially if they have plans for expansion and if they follow their intuition. Listen to your inner guidance very carefully since not everyone is as dependable as they seem. Watch for overspending on the 27th, it’s a great time for business relationships to develop however. Inspiration is sky high all month, but especially around the 11th.



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