Art World Astrology

by T. Cuevas


JUNE 2017

As the sun and its spotlight moves to communicative, highly changeable Gemini, we see an increase in activity, excitement and connections. Like its fellow air signs (Aquarius and Libra), Gemini is primarily focused on the intellect and relationships, making this an excellent time for events that involve sharing of ideas, discussions, books and, often, lively debate. The power of words is highlighted, making this an especially productive time for writers or any writing project.

This is an energy of movement and change, one that dissolves stale ideas and keeps things fun and stimulating. Masters of trivia and jokes, Geminis often live in their heads and can analyze everything, but often endlessly. It can easily get lost in the weeds by focusing on the small stuff. This is when we need to balance out this energy by looking at the big picture, keeping what’s truly important in sight, and paying attention to our heart and intuition, not only our intellect.

ARIES march 21 - april 20

This is a stimulating, excitingly creative month for Aries artists. Everything you do right now needs to engage you at an intellectual level first, so writing or educational projects would be especially rewarding right now. This need for intellectual stimulation might lead to information overload or debating for the sake of winning; before getting drawn into an argument, ask yourself whether you’d rather be right or happy. Proceed accordingly. Collectors and gallerists might do well by getting involved in events in their local community and creating new connections. Pay attention to your needs - if something feels like you’re going uphill, ask your gut if there’s a smoother path forward. Answers will come. High creativity between the 24th and 27th. Excellent business days between the 5th and 10th.

TAURUS april 21 - may 20

There is a revolution in consciousness in process for Taurus artists. If you feel anxious or unsettled, know that it’s because your subconscious beliefs are undergoing a major makeover. Go with the flow and don’t hold on to what doesn’t work for you anymore. This month, business and material concerns take on additional importance and finding multiple sources of income is possible. Review your pricing and make sure you’re not selling yourself short. For collectors and gallerists, this is an excellent time for bidding, negotiations and anything that requires extreme mental clarity. Huge inspiration available around the 20th, spend some time in quietude if you can. You’re an especially effective negotiator around the 24th. This is also an excellent time for expanding your horizons, either through education or traveling.  

GEMINI may 21- june 20

Gemini artists grab the spotlight this month. Your communication skills are even better than usual and you can express yourself eloquently and persuasively. Public speaking and being your own best advocate can be easy now. Creativity is high and you’ll need multiple avenues of self-expression. In fact, while having too many irons in the fire can exhaust many, it only serves to energize Geminis even more. This is a great time to explore beyond the usual limits. You’ll be especially inspired around the 13th, particularly in visual arts and music. Collectors and gallerists can also make a great impression and should use the opportunity to do heavy marketing and/or scouting. Heavy conversations around the 18th can seem frustrating at first, but can actually clear the path to something better.  

CANCER june 21- july 20

This is an inspired time for Cancer artists, who might need to take a breather from the outside world and look within. It’s the perfect time for retreats and to feed your spirit – take time to go back to basics and re-connect with what you love. After the 4th, expect increased self-confidence and assertiveness. The full moon on the 9th encourages you to transform your work and daily routine into something that really honors your priorities. Collectors and gallerists can be re-energized by joining associations and groups, and participating in social events with like-minded people. Work dealing with global issues might be very attractive to you right now. Both business and creative, inspired projects would do really well if started on the new moon of the 24th.  

LEO july 21- august 20

This month gives Leo artists an opportunity to connect with people who really understand them and accept them for who they are. Focusing on the future and a cause greater than yourself will be immensely gratifying. You can be an excellent advocate for those who need one; put your passion and leadership to good use and engage the local community if possible. You might be feeling especially emotional around the 4th – don’t run away from what you feel, embrace it and listen to the guidance your intuition is trying to give you. Collectors and gallerists might feel outside influences restricting them. Don’t take any criticism as a personal slight, you have enough confidence and determination to get through anything. Huge inspiration and great income opportunities this month, especially between the 3rd and 7th.  


VIRGO august 21 - september 20

This is an excellent month for Virgo artists to take control of their career and listen to their own instincts. This will lead them to a sense of self-sufficiency and confidence that will make the business side of work much more rewarding. Examine where the past might be weighing you down and keeping you from new opportunities. Make sure you’re not being led off your path by others’ criteria or judgment. This can be a great month for finances, and big-ticket investments are likely to be profitable for collectors and gallerists. You might come across some people giving mixed signals – ask clear questions and make sure you’re all on the same page. Creativity boost around the 13th. Deals can be productive – if you’re patient – after the 18th.

LIBRA september 21 - october 20

This is a great time for an expansion of consciousness for Libra artists. Make adventure a priority – whether it’s physical or mental. Take classes in what you’d never tried, visit places you hadn’t seen. If you have the opportunity to travel internationally, take it. You can find huge inspiration by pairing up with people who are completely different from you, so be sure to step out of your usual network. The new, innovative and futuristic is calling to you. Collectors and gallerists who are looking for investors or partners, the 20th is a good time to do so. Working with art collectives benefiting the community or non-profits could pay off and lead to valuable opportunities.  Inspiration is especially high between the 3rd and 7th.

SCORPIO october 21 - november 20

Scorpio artists can feel right in their element this month, which encourages them to tap into their inner power, increasing their confidence and inviting deep transformation. Inspiration can come from relationships and creating intimate connections with others. Make sure to stay focused on your own lessons, however, and don’t give others the key to your peace of mind. A meditation practice that helps you navigate your internal and external changes would be very rewarding. Collectors and gallerists can afford to take some risks – tune into your intuition and check with your gut before proceeding. This is an excellent time to deal with any legal matters and hire the right attorneys. Good business days the first week of the month. Inspiration is through the roof around the 26th

SAGITTARIUS november 21 - december 20

For Sagittarian artists, this month is about connections, relationships and seeking the support of others. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. There are excellent opportunities to establish healthy, productive relationships with peers as well as possible agents and managers. Personal and career expansion are very possible this month, when confidence, optimism and energy are especially high. Getting involved with global or political issues you really care about can increase your creative energy as well. A sense of purpose, passion and big picture goals are essentials for Sagittarian’s peace of mind. Educational events might be great for collectors and gallerists. Learning to delegate will be important and can make things a lot easier for you. Great business days around the 25th. Inspiration is extremely high around the 13th

CAPRICORN december 21 - january 20

For Capricorn artists, this month presents an opportunity for a makeover in your daily routine, to structure your work and your day in a way that feeds you, not drains you. Pay attention to the food you eat and the exercise you get. Nourishing your body and treating yourself kindly is essential. You’re ready for the really challenging, detail-intensive projects, which will take you to the next level in both recognition and confidence. Capricorn gallerists and collectors can find what they want locally, especially if looking for historical work or classics. Don’t get discouraged if things don’t go according to plan around the end of the month, it’s a temporary setback leading you in the right direction. Great business days during the first week of the month. Inspiration is especially high around the 4th.  

AQUARIUS january 21 - february 20

The focus is on fun and creativity for Aquarian artists this month. Take every opportunity you find to bring a sense of joy and lightness into your art and life. Try festivals, new museums, play with intense colors, music, anything that says joy to you. This is also an excellent time for drama and performances. Take the time to explore what really sparks your excitement and follow it. Be bold - this month is about taking risks that can increase your self-confidence and sense of mastery over your craft. This is the perfect time for collectors and gallerists to host events, especially formal events with an intellectual bent. The first week of the month is great for business negotiations and inspiration is even higher than usual between the 3rd and 7th.

PISCES february 21 - march 20

This is a month of introspection and powerful inspiration for Pisces artists. You can find an untapped well of creativity by looking to your past, to your family of origin, history and roots. Your personal life might require more of your attention than work right now, accept that and flow with the changing circumstances. You can find an influx of energy and optimism by simply attending to what you need to do with a mindful, positive mindset. Be open to new outlets and modes of expression that you hadn’t tried before. Collectors and gallerists might do especially well around the 13th, it’s a great time for business talks, bidding, negotiations. Let go of worry and tap into your intuition instead. Inspiration is especially high between the 5th and 10th



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