Art World Astrology

by T. Cuevas


MAY 2017

The sun in sensual and earthy Taurus signals it’s time to slow down and smell the roses. Ruled by Venus – patron of art, money and beauty – Taurus loves the good life and beauty in all its forms. Whether it’s good music, food, a massage or just a beautiful view, Taurus energy inspires us to pay attention and deeply appreciate what makes us feel good.

As all earth signs, Taurus is realistic, concerned with the practical aspects of life, the material world, with financial security and possessions. It encourages us to use our material resources wisely and effectively, and it’s a great time for smooth business negotiations and expansion.

It’s also a good time to address any self-worth issues that might be standing in the way of our financial success, or whether we’re making security more important than our authenticity.

This month, ruler of the arts, Venus, is still in Aries, adding a big dose of fire to the earth energy of Taurus. There’s a tendency to want to push the limits, to take on controversial, challenging work and to follow our instincts as much as possible. And that is the theme this month – achieving harmony between the traditional and the revolutionary, the risk-taking and the practical. The joining together of what seem to be opposing forces can clear the way for some true innovation.

ARIES march 21 - april 20

It’s all about the material world for Aries artists this month, who can welcome new income opportunities and deepen their mastery of the business aspect of their work. This is an excellent time to take stock of what you value and where you want your career to go. Let go of wanting things to look a particular way, stay open and be flexible. Your path to success might just look different from others. Inspiration and optimism are high between the 10th and 15th, when you’re an especially persuasive speaker and motivator. Collectors and gallerists - don’t get discouraged if you feel plans stop on their tracks around the 29th. Use the time to take a breather from the action and revise the projects on hand. With discipline and perseverance, you can build on what you started successfully. Keep your priorities where you can see them. Self-expression and brilliant ideas come easily on the 31st.

TAURUS april 21 - may 20

Taurus artists can welcome the spotlight this month and embrace this opportunity to grow in self-confidence and authentic self-expression. It’ll be easy to articulate your innermost thoughts and it’s an excellent time for more abstract work than you might be used to. Take some time to yourself and, if you’re feeling anxious or more emotional than usual, you could be working through some unexpressed emotion. Those subconscious issues might be causing problems in your body – taking a look at them can set you on the path of healing. Using a journal, meditating, and taking note of your dreams will be helpful. Collectors and gallerists should aim to stay away from drama-heavy people, or be prepared to be the voice of steadiness and reason to keep things calm. Hosting events would be especially beneficial after the 12th. You have obsessive focus around the 25th, it’s a perfect time to delve deep into the details of subject matters that are calling to you.

GEMINI may 21- june 20

Gemini artists start a lively, fulfilling cycle of approximately two months that can bring increased drive, ambition and confidence. Keep a notebook with you - you are likely to have a lot of creative, unorthodox ideas that can pay off down the line. This would be an excellent time to join a club or a professional organization where you can share ideas with like-minded people. It can also lead to wonderful, lasting relationships that can help you grow at a professional and personal level. Take the opportunity to brainstorm and plan for the future, this is a great time to get clear on where you want to go. Collectors and gallerists could really take this opportunity to expand and branch out right now. Optimism and good luck are high around the 12th. A more introspective time, but rich in inspiration is there after the 16th.

CANCER june 21- july 20

This can be a great time for growth in Cancer artists’ career, who will be able to be clearer than ever about their goals. It’s a great time for the big, ambitious creative projects. You’re able to attract the right people to you – if you don’t feel you have people that really get you, socialize outside your usual groups. The full moon of the 12th in your house of creativity and self-expression can bring enormous transformation and possibilities you hadn’t thought of. Stay open and ride the wave of emotion, you don’t need to get consumed by it. Collectors and gallerists can greatly expand starting this month, whether it’s their space or collections. Buying or selling property might really pay off starting this month. Big-ticket purchases – especially for those with home collections – are also on solid ground. Effortless creativity and high inspiration around the 19th. Start new work projects and deals on the new moon of the 25th.

LEO july 21- august 20

Leo artists can enjoy a resurgence in the career arena. You could receive big, challenging assignments that can get you a lot of attention. You’re ready to step it up, even if it means working doubly hard. This is a great time to listen to your intuition, it’s going to help you in very practical ways. Use it to guide you into making your day-to-day routine and/or workspace more efficient. Approaching the routine tasks with a sense of openness and joy, knowing that each little thing is taking you to where you need to go, would transform your daily experience. Collectors and gallerists can make huge progress on their goals, and start profitable new ventures, especially if starting around the 9th. It’s an excellent time for budget negotiations and projects involving restoration. Inspiration is especially high between the 4th and 7th.

VIRGO august 21 - september 20

This is a time of expansion and growth for Virgo artists. Plan to expand your mind – take classes or travel to places you’d never been to before. You’ll be at your best when doing research or seeking the truth behind appearances. You’ll be especially concerned with honesty and authenticity. Telling the truth becomes more important than worrying about what others think and that will be extremely freeing. The status quo is not for you right now, embrace your uniqueness and originality and don’t be afraid to disagree with prevailing views. Many need to hear what you want to say. Flashes of insight and breakthrough ideas are likely, especially around the 10th. For collectors and gallerists, it’s an excellent time for negotiations and successful deals with serious, committed people. The days around the 11th are great for signing contracts and pursuing any real estate deals.

LIBRA september 21 - october 20

Libra artists can have an intense and transformational month. It’s the perfect time to engage in research projects or explore highly emotional, provocative subject matter. This is also the time when you’re called to work in partnership. Relationships are a major focus, especially those where there are wounds to heal. Letting go of grudges and resentments will free you and let you access even more creative energy and joy. Leave the past behind, and focus only on the love given and received. Collectors and gallerists can meet or encounter work that can revolutionize their thinking and add a big dose of vitality and excitement to their collection. This is an excellent time for business collaborations, negotiations and to find the experts you need – attorneys, accountants, etc. Avoid power struggles around the 25th, only deal with people interested in a win-win solution.

SCORPIO october 21 - november 20

This month gives Scorpio artists an opportunity to work in collaboration. Welcome the chance to connect with others. There is no need to do everything by yourself or control every aspect of a project- ask for help when you need it and delegate to those you trust. In fact, this is a great time to look and find agents or managers, in other words, people who can help and support you. You’re especially perceptive now and able to get to the bottom of the matter quickly, as well as tackling provocative subject matter in a powerfully moving way. Collectors and gallerists who had been looking for the right business partners or investors, this is the time. The days around the 31st are especially good for bargaining and bidding. It’s also a great time to go through your possessions and eliminate anything that doesn’t speak to who you are anymore. Inspiration and emotion are high around the 9th.

SAGITTARIUS november 21 - december 20

It’s a very productive month for Sagittarius artists and an excellent time to tackle highly detail-oriented projects. You might feel conflicted between fulfilling your obligations and doing what you really want to do. If so, consider that doing the things that bring you genuine joy (not the time-killing distractions that leave you empty after) will give you the energy to do the more mundane tasks that need to be done. Your world expands mid-month, take the opportunities to socialize whether with friends or colleagues, there’s a great chance of some interesting connections with people who can motivate you. Collectors and gallerists, you might be feeling very driven and competitive, use that drive to set more challenging goals but don’t get trapped in ego battles that will only deplete you. Remember what you really want is fulfillment and freedom, not drama. Inspiration is through the roof around the 19th. Business deals are win-win on the 12th.

CAPRICORN december 21 - january 20

This is a month of huge creativity for Capricorn artists – your talent and discipline have paved the way for fulfilling new opportunities. You’re able to integrate the past and the future, tradition with progress. Remain open and don’t dismiss ideas that appear crazy at first. Any challenges you are meeting now are meant to open you up for much more than you’ve ever thought possible. Don’t take anything personally – if something hurts your ego, take it as a step towards your liberation, that is, towards being truly free from what others think. Follow your heart and express yourself authentically. For collectors and gallerists, business can meet with some opposition (especially around the end of the month), but stay firm, trust your inner guidance and you’ll overcome any obstacle successfully. Great days for business around the 19th. Inspiration – especially for writing projects – is high between the 10th and 13th.

AQUARIUS january 21 - february 20

Driven to connect with their innermost self and emotions, this is a hugely reinvigorating time for Aquarian artists. Your communication skills are better than ever and you’re able to come up with brilliant, innovative ideas that can make their mark, especially around the 10th. Carry a notebook with you to jot them all down. Be open to using media and venues you haven’t used before. This is a great time to enhance your technological know-how and work on your web and social media presence. You could find huge inspiration and be re-energized by the virtual social interaction. Collectors and gallerists can do especially well if they combine their drive towards progress and the new with classics. Ask clearly and kindly for what you really want – whether it’s other people or the universe. It’s an excellent time to clarify and write out your vision for what you want to do. Great days for business around the 19th.

PISCES february 21 - march 20

This month is one of movement and fluctuation for Pisces artists. You might find this movement manifesting as a very busy day-to-day life, with phone calls, errands and short trips. But, even if things are hectic around you, you can find the challenges and problem-solving to be re-energizing. Your creativity and intuition are your best assets this month. Take time for silence and listen to your inner guidance system, it’ll tell you what to tackle and how best to do it. Your empathy and kindness can really help you along the way, if you give equal time to your needs as well as those of others. Your work can grow immensely this month, especially if you brainstorm in writing or start expressing your ideas out loud. Working with charities can also be hugely beneficial for collectors and gallerists, not only emotionally but professionally. Business negotiations and inspiration flow easily around the 28th.



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