Art World Astrology

by T. Cuevas


APRIL 2017

A new astrological year starts with Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, and brings with it the chance for a fresh new start. It is no coincidence that Aries starts when spring does, as it is associated with newness and rebirth. This is a time for spring cleaning both at a material level and a mental level. The fieriness of Aries encourages us to let go what we don’t need and start again with none of the old baggage.

Fire signs favor bold and big expression, and this time, art is at its best when it’s exposing the truth, bringing light to darkness and openness to what’s closed. Self-confidence and assertiveness are enhanced, as is the likelihood of saying things we regret later. This is a time that encourages us to speak clearly and openly, but, with a full moon in partnership-oriented, diplomatic Libra on the 11th, we’ll be rewarded when we speak our truth with kindness and find that balance between the “me” and the “we”.

ARIES march 21 - april 20

It’s Aries turn in the spotlight and it’s an excellent time to take on those leadership roles that could use their talents. You’re able to connect with people in a deeper way and reach compromises easily. A new cycle starts where stability and material security might become more important to you and additional sources of income and/or sales could arise. Make sure to get all the budgeting or accounting help you need to be ready. Collectors and gallerists can set plans in motion around the 5th with confidence, they’re on solid ground. Artists could have breakthrough ideas especially around the 14th. Partnership conflicts can come to a head on the full moon of the 11th, it’s a great time to clear the air. Relationships that are worth it can be healed and be reborn much stronger than before.

TAURUS april 21 - may 20

Taurus artists have a hugely creative month ahead, where they can easily give form and put words to their ideas. Take some time off from the outside world and retreat a bit if you can. Keep a dream journal if possible, you might be having intense dreams that could bring you some insight and or images you want to work with. By the end of the month, your ideas will be clearer and ready to put out into the world. Collectors and gallerists can use this time to work behind the scenes, setting the stage for next month where they can truly step out into the world renewed and refreshed. Global issues could provide inspiration. Great business days around the 24th. Inspiration is high all month, but especially around the 16th.

GEMINI may 21- june 20

Gemini artists should look toward the future this month. It’s time for big thinking. Consciously commit to not sweating the small stuff, don’t waste your energy on the unnecessary. This is a great time to embrace your uniqueness – if there’s something you’d been criticized for in the past, embrace and accept it, and see how can you see it anew. Ask for help from friends and colleagues, it will lead you to develop deeper relationships and feel supported in your career. Collectors and gallerists, your communication skills are better than ever and events benefiting causes you care about could use your help. You’re an excellent spokesperson for those who need it. Business could do great on the 20th, shows would do well to be scheduled around that day. Breakthrough ideas for artists around the 14th.

CANCER june 21- july 20

This is a great opportunity for Cancer artists to step out of their comfort zone and welcome the limelight. Welcome the opportunity to lead and inspire others, many need to hear what you have to share. Inspiration could come through traveling and studying foreign cultures. It’s an especially emotional full moon for you on the 11th, when you have to face some deep emotions and dissatisfaction you’ve carried around with you. Let go of what you need to let go of and you’ll feel freer. This can be an excellent month for collectors and gallerists who should host as many events – be it shows, classes, dinners – as they can. It’s an excellent time for networking and getting your name out there. Start new business plans under the new moon of the 26th. Inspiration is extra high on the 28th.

LEO july 21- august 20

This is a great opportunity for Leo artists to focus on expanding their mind through learning, adventure and going out of their comfort zone. Welcome unexpected change, unconventional people, and seek out experiences outside your normal routine. Learn other languages or take classes in new media if possible. Don’t try to control everything, micromanaging will wear you down. Trust the universe to take care of what you can’t. Learn to identify those areas where you’re stuck in your ways and consciously commit to being shown a better way. Collectors and gallerists can get some overdue recognition for previous efforts. You’re in a great position, be generous with your success. This is the time to set up long-term plans or make big-ticket investments, especially around the 17th. Inspiration is extra high around the 14th.

VIRGO august 21 - september 20

Virgo artists can look forward to an intense month, full of opportunities for self-transformation and shedding of the old. It’s time to take a clear look at your life and mental patterns and let go of what doesn’t work – physically and mentally. Face the topics or aspects of yourself that you usually hide, and don’t judge yourself for past mistakes. Immense mental power is available right now, take the opportunity to do research or study. Your ideas are clear and you’re extremely persuasive. Collectors and gallerists can use their opportunity to bargain and negotiate, profits could also come rolling in. It’s a good time to take out loans and, if needed, get accounting or management help for your business. Inspiration is especially high if tackling deep, emotional subjects on the 20th and 28th.

LIBRA september 21 - october 20

For Libra artists, this is a great month for deepening relationships, either one-on-one or with audiences. It’s time to work in partnership, but make sure your boundaries are clear and that you’re not draining yourself trying to please others. You could watch your popularity with audiences increase, it’s a great time to show your work. Your diplomatic skills might be in high demand and might be called upon to defuse tense situations. Watch for negative thinking or insecurity around the 8th, talk to others about your fears, you might be especially sensitive right now and seeing rejection where there isn’t. Treat yourself gently and kindly. Collectors and gallerists can easily find what they need and the people they need to help make things happen. Work in collaboration. It’s an excellent time to socialize, host events and network, especially around the 16th.

SCORPIO october 21 - november 20

This is a highly productive month for Scorpio artists. This is a great time to dive deep into work and get the detailed, big and ambitious projects finished. You have seemingly unending energy and inspiration, and feel you can really express your talents fully. It’s not so much a time for expansion as it is for intensification and deepening of what you have. Your relationships could be motivating right now. Watch for unnecessary conflict around the 8th, don’t take things too personally and loosen the reins a bit, some things are outside of your control. Collectors and gallerists would do well to go through their space and work routines carefully, overwork is likely and it might wear them down physically. Make sure to listen to your body and get the rest you need. Both art and business do great, especially between the 5th and 10th.

SAGITTARIUS november 21 - december 20

This can be a hugely creative, fun month for Sagittarius artists. This is a time for celebration and joy, so make a point of approaching your work with a sense of play. The hard work you put in pays off and rewards start rolling in. Good luck seems to be in order this month, but let things happen naturally and don’t take unnecessary risks. You’re feeling open-hearted and generous, and it’ll be really rewarding to share your blessings with others. You can serve as a goodwill ambassador wherever you go, others could use your positivity and humor. This is the best time for expansion for collectors and gallerists, just make sure you get second and third opinions on plans as this is a time where you could be overestimating your capacity or overspending. Business talks are especially productive around the 7th. Inspiration spikes on the 11th.

CAPRICORN december 21 - january 20

The focus is on the internal world for Capricorn artists, on finding a sense of home and belonging in the world. You might feel like staying in or creating a workspace for yourself that feels like home. Personal interests take precedence and family matters might be calling you. Inspiration can come from exploring your roots and your past, and finding a sense of emotional connection. You have plenty of internal resources to help you along and you can reach a place of incredible emotional stability that wasn’t possible a few years ago. This is a good time for collectors and gallerists to deal with property issues – buying or selling. Don’t be discouraged by the little obstacles you might meet right now, they’re temporary bumps on the road. Great time for business on the 17th. Brilliant ideas on the 28th.

AQUARIUS january 21 - february 20

The to-do list is really long for Aquarian artists this month, but it can end up being the kind of mentally stimulating challenge Aquarians crave to keep motivated. Your communication skills are extra sharp this month and writing projects can take on a life of their own. Words and ideas come easily, just stand back and let it happen. Follow your intuition as to how to best expend your energy and as to what your priorities should be. Collectors and gallerists can see a lot of movement and local traffic, be ready to welcome an increase in activity and make sure you’re prepared when the next opportunity presents itself. Engaging with the community and local schools would be especially rewarding right now. Ideas abound around the 14th and 28th. Best time for business deals between the 17th and 20th.

PISCES february 21 - march 20

Pisces artists will be rewarded by getting very practical this month. You might feel an increased need for security in the world, a financial nest egg, another job or maybe property, something that feels safe and stable. You can make that happen, but keep in mind that the true source of stability is not necessarily in the material world; consult your inner guidance and don’t adopt society’s definitions of success if they don’t feel true to you. This is a time when you can really address any issues of self-worth as well – take a look at where you’re selling yourself short or if you’re sabotaging your financial success in any way. Connecting with the earth, nature and your own body will refuel your creativity. Collectors and gallerists can make some solid investments or meet people with a lot of potential. Profits could come rolling in on the 7th. Inspiration is off the charts 14th through 20th.



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