As the spotlight shifts to relationship-oriented, diplomatic Libra, we feel the need to work together. This is the time to focus on win-win solutions and balance the personal interests with the collective interests. This balance will be challenged on the 5th when a full moon on fire sign Aries could make tempers flare, bringing a need for diplomatic solutions. 

Artistically, Libra energy emphasizes classical beauty, symmetry and harmony. It encourages collaborative work and the exploration of themes involving unity and interconnectedness. It is important we learn how to work with others, without losing what makes us unique. 

This month also starts a new one-year cycle when Jupiter, planet of expansion, moves into Scorpio. Associated with transformation and anything that we keep hidden, this combination gives us the opportunity to transform flaws into assets, wounds into strength. It can also help let the story of the past go, and lead us to become more authentically ourselves both in life and art.



March 21st - April 20th


This is a great time for Aries artists to collaborate with others and take pleasure in serving a greater purpose. A sense of teamwork and belonging is essential to you right now. The full moon on the 5th in your house of self-image might make you feel a little sensitive, remember you can choose to not take others’ opinions personally. This moon can also bring increased recognition and attention, use it to your advantage. You can be hugely inspired by getting organized, minimizing and clearing your space. Collectors and gallerists can use this energy to clear out their spaces of what doesn’t serve them anymore and start a fresh new cycle. Huge inspiration around the 5th. Great days for business negotiations and bidding the first week of the month. 



April 21st - May 20th


Taurus artists should get out of their socializing comfort zone– attend events they normally wouldn’t, meet people, and explore other social circles than the ones they usually move in. Interesting, inspiring people can enter your life. If you feel sluggish or unmotivated, make sure you’re not nitpicking yourself into negativity. Ease up on self-criticism and focus on your successes. Collectors and gallerists can meet with new artists that can really expand their horizons, especially around the 14th. Those that need assistants or help in any way will likely find what they need then. This is also a great time for artists to get organized and streamline their spaces. Inspiration is extremely high around the 5th. Great business days between the 14th and 20th. 



May 21st - June 20th


For Gemini artists, it’s time to lighten up and play. This is a wonderful time to connect with the children in your life, or re-connect with your own inner child. Whatever you do, you need to make it fun for yourself. If work is starting to become a burden, look for ways to inject light and joy back into it. Remind yourself of your love for what you do and why what you do matters. You can have brilliant, breakthrough ideas around the 15th, make sure to pay attention and jot them down. Collectors and gallerists looking to expand collections or make deals, the 17th is a wonderful time to do so. Optimism is high and your intuition is spot on. New creative projects do especially well if started on the 19th. 



June 21st - July 20th


Cancer artists are called home this month. The domestic sphere takes on even greater importance and you might feel compelled to seek a sense of security or connection to your roots. Use this energy to reflect and heal any past issues that come up for closure. It’s an excellent time to re-connect with your family and let go of any resentments. Work concerning the past or family lineages could be especially rewarding. Collectors and gallerists would do well to plan events for the full moon on the 5th, which brings the spotlight to their house of career and recognition. It’s an excellent time for artists to plan performances or exhibits as well. Inspiration is especially high on the 19th. The 17th is great for deals and negotiations.



July 21st - August 20th


This month is about connection and communication for Leo artists, especially with their local community. It’s an excellent time to grow your roots within the community, to work with schools, with younger people or take classes in something new. You will be extremely busy and maybe acquire unexpected responsibilities but, with a positive attitude, even what seems like busy work can really pay off down the road. Pay attention to the moment and your surroundings, other people’s stories will provide a lot of inspiration. Hosting educational events or discussions can be great for collectors and gallerists. Socializing and mingling will be very important and rewarding. The 26th is great for sales and big-ticket item purchases. Ideas skyrocket around the 19th. 



August 21st - September 20th


For Virgo artists, this is the time for their practical side to take the lead. If you haven’t already, mastering the business side of your craft will be extremely rewarding and empowering. This is a great time to connect with the material world in all its facets. Make sure to give yourself time to pamper yourself, take care of your body, and connect with the earth by going out to beautiful, natural places that will inspire you. Organic forms and materials would be great to work with. This is an excellent time for collectors and gallerists to get their budget in order and seek financial advice. Watch that you not hold on to things past their expiration date. Inspiration is especially high around the 24th. Excellent time for new business plans on the 19th.



September 21st - October 20th


This is the time to shine for Libra artists. Your charisma and talent are on full display and connection with audiences is strong. Any insecurities coming up at this point should be taken as an opportunity to grow past them, so you can start this new cycle with a clean slate. Get in touch with your subconscious by meditating or paying attention to your dreams – it could be a great source of inspiration. Increased self-confidence around the 3rd make it an excellent time to show your work or perform. Collectors and gallerists need to follow their intuition around the 5th, which will help them make decisions about who to be in partnership with. Follow your gut. Inspiration is especially high the first week of the month. 



October 21st - November 20th


This is a time for reflection and closure for Scorpio artists. This month gives you an opportunity to look inward, get to know yourself better and let past issues go. If there is anyone or anything to forgive, this is the time to do so. Forgiveness will set you free of the past and let you start over on a clean slate. Put your creative priorities in order, this is an excellent time to brainstorm new goals that more closely align with who you are. Dream imagery, surrealist and spiritual themes might be very rewarding to explore. Collectors and gallerists should spend some time contemplating the next step, don’t be too rushed to move ahead with plans, and don’t let others rush or try to make you work on their timetable. There is no hurry, wait until your intuition tells you the time is right. Wait until after the 15th for big business deals. Inspiration is especially high between the 3rd and 6th.



November 21st - December 20th


This is a great time for Sagittarian artists to join people on their same path, who share similar goals and who really understand them. It is especially important that your work have a larger meaning now, something that connects you to the global family. This month starts a new cycle for Sagittarian artists, a cycle that will lead them to deeper self-exploration, authenticity, creativity and self-confidence. It will require discipline and fearlessness but it will pay off emotionally and financially. This month also gives you a big jolt of energy to career, reputation and standing arena, great for both artists, collectors and gallerists. Use this opportunity to host events and bring people in. Huge inspiration around the 26th, especially for those who write. Business and plans for expansion can do especially well around the 18th.



December 21st - January 20th


The spotlight is on career for Capricorn artists. This is a great time to shine professionally and expand your audience. This month can bring opportunities to meet with very influential people who can help you, or for those of you already established, mentor younger people who can re-energize you and expand your horizons. Inspiration can come from traveling or exploring other cultures and religions. Collectors and gallerists should get even more practical than usual and be ready to lead. More responsibilities might land on your shoulders, but you will be rewarded for them in increased recognition, influence and personal satisfaction. 



January 21st - February 20th


This is the time for Aquarian artists to follow their sense of adventure. Traveling – especially overseas – would be especially rewarding. This can be a life-altering month if you follow your intuition and go where you’re called to go. A certain sense of restriction, especially around the 8th, should be taken as feedback letting you know where you’re ready to break free. Collectors and gallerists should expand their horizons in a big way. Explore other countries’ work, artists, media that you’d never looked at before. Remain open to what comes your way. Be patient and dot your I’s, cross your t’s around the 8th and you can put in place solid roots for later expansion. Inspiration is even higher than usual around the 24th. 



February 21st - March 20th


This is a time of introspection for Pisces artists, who can get to know themselves in a much deeper way. Starting on the 10th, you’re entering a cycle of big mental expansion. Adventures and exploration are a necessity starting now, and clinging onto the same old way of doing things will only lead to unfulfillment and boredom. Challenge yourself, especially if it feels uncomfortable. Collectors and gallerists should focus on eliminating what they don’t need, mentally and in their space. This is the time to review your space and business relationships with a clear head and see what’s paying off and what isn’t. Great time for deals around the 26th. Inspiration is even higher than usual on the 18th.