The spotlight is on optimistic, freedom-loving Sagittarius this month, with four planets and a new moon paying it a visit. Associated with optimism and expansion, its energy also helps us look at the big picture and find humor in even the darkest times. Sagittarius is also the ultimate truth-seeker and teller, and during this time, we might find that nothing can be kept a secret for long. The shadow side of Sagittarius is fanaticism, especially of the religious or political kind. This is a time to check in and see where our attachments to our beliefs and opinions have become rigid to the point where we have stopped listening to new ideas.


A new moon in Sagittarius – like the one on the 18th – is an opportunity to start projects involving traveling, foreign cultures and spirituality. It is also an excellent time for those wanting to pursue higher education to start the process. Most importantly though, this optimistic, joy-filled Sagittarian energy can be the spark we need to get us ready for a truly joyful holiday season, and for an even more creative and purposeful year ahead.  



March 21st - April 20th


For Aries artists, this is the perfect time to open their minds and expand their horizons. You might be feeling restless and ready for something new. Follow your intuition and let it guide you into doing things in a new way, using new media, taking different classes. Creative projects involving traveling or researching different cultures would be rewarding. Take any opportunity to present your work abroad or to work with new people. This is a great time for collectors and gallerists to expand collections. Make a point of getting to know other art forms or artists than the ones you usually gravitate to. It’s time to break habitual patterns and routines. Inspiration is especially high between the 1st and 6th. Business does especially well after the 19th.



April 21st - May 20th


For Taurus artists, this month pushes them to do some introspection and get to know themselves better with a spirit of acceptance, not self-criticism. Be prepared for transformative experiences that can lead you to a higher level of creativity and consciousness. Focus on the things you can control, and trust that what you can’t will fall into place exactly as it needs to. Discomfort is a natural byproduct of growth, embrace where you are and know that your reward is coming. This is the perfect time for decluttering for collectors and gallerists – don’t hold onto things that don’t reflect you anymore, make space for the new. Creativity is high all month, but especially after the 19th. Business negotiations go especially well between the 1st and 4th.   



May 21st - June 20th


This is the month for Gemini artists to heal their existing relationships and welcome new ones into their lives. Collaborative projects will energize you and give you access fresh ideas. Take opportunities to attend networking events. If you’d been feeling like you didn’t have enough support, make sure to reach out, help is available. This is also a time when you need to speak the truth, make sure you’re being honest and open about how you really feel. It’s not a good time to keep secrets as things are bound to come out. This is an excellent time for collectors and gallerists to engage in negotiations and to establish new relationships or business partnerships. The full moon on the 3rd brings huge inspiration. Business projects can do especially well if started on the 18th.



June 21st - July 20th


This is a hugely productive month for Cancer artists. Working conditions can improve for you this month- make sure to adjust your work space to something that works for you and that meets your needs. This is a time when you need to pay special attention to your relationship with your body and health and make sure you’re taking as good care of yourself as you take of others. Adding more movement and exercise into your life will energize you and spark your creativity. Challenging, detail-intensive projects and anything involving writing would really pay off. This is a great time for collectors and gallerists to find administrative help and to go through their spaces tweaking, decluttering and fixing what needs to be fixed. It’s all in the details. Huge inspiration between the 2nd and 5th. Great days for business deals between the 10th and 14th.



July 21st - August 20th


A sense of play is the key to this month for Leo artists. This is the perfect period for performances, auditions and anything that lets you take center stage. It’s a hugely creative time, excellent for self-expression in any medium, but especially in theater and film. Spending time with children or tuning into that child-like energy within yourself will be energizing and inspiring. Socializing will really pay off now – welcome the invites to events, concerts or parties. Collectors and gallerists can find this a great time to host events, especially large, black-tie events. Plans to expand collections and explore new avenues would do well now. Use the optimistic energy you’ll have now to really explore your dreams for 2018. Deep inspiration between the 3rd and 7th. Business talks are best between the 1st and 7th.



August 21st - September 20th


Virgo artists will find success by connecting with their roots, their history and inner selves. Honor your need for a place you can call home, and make sure your living space feels like one. Spending some time in solitude and silence will be hugely inspiring. You might be feeling more emotional than usual, so remember to not take what others say too personally. Collectors and gallerists would do well to take some time to themselves as well and connect with what’s really important. Taking care of your feelings will lead to a clearer head and better decisions. It’s an excellent time to make over your space, move or look for a different space if you feel called to it. Start creative projects on the 18th. Business talks go especially well between the 20th and 25th.



September 21st - October 20th


Libra artists have a busy month ahead of them, full of exciting possibilities and opportunities. This is a good time to expand your social circle, to network and get involved in local life. Get engaged with your community, educational projects and teaching. Welcome the opportunities to learn new things – enroll in classes, read, attend lectures. New projects involving writing or public speaking would do especially well. Inspiration could come from researching different cultures and customs. Expand your circle to include people you usually would not normally gravitate to. This is the perfect time for collectors and gallerists to network and start any new marketing-related projects. Planning shows, educational events or discussions would pay off now. Inspiration is even higher than usual between the 3rd and 5th. Business negotiations and sales can be great all month.



October 21st - November 20th


A sense of security will be essential for Scorpio artists this month. It’s the perfect time to think about building a nest egg, taking ownership of the business aspects of your work and taking steps toward financial self-sufficiency. Comfort will be very important, give yourself some pampering and take good care of your body. It’s also a great time to connect with nature. Spending time outside in beautiful natural environments will refuel your creativity. Creative projects involving working with your hands will be truly rewarding. This can be a fantastic business month for collectors and gallerists. This is the perfect time to set up financial plans and a strategy for the year ahead. Great time for buying and selling big-ticket items, especially between the 4th and 7th. Inspiration is off the charts between the 10th and 15th.  



November 21st - December 20th


Sagittarius takes center stage this month and it’s a perfect time for the high-stakes performances, auditions, shows and projects. Self-confidence and ambition are high. Use the momentum to get out there and create your own opportunities. This is also an excellent time for makeovers or any changes that let you present yourself in a more authentic way. It’s also a good time for physically demanding work; in fact, challenging your body will be very good for you. Collectors and gallerists should host shows and events now and can really set themselves up as leaders in their field. This is the time to be bold and take creative action toward your goals. Your salesmanship and negotiation skills are at an all-time high. Great business between the 18th and 27th. Inspiration is high between the 28th and 30th.



December 21st - January 20th


This is an inward-looking month for Capricorn artists. It’s a time of giving closure to the past and letting go of what is still weighing you down. Face your fears, you might find reality is much more manageable than your imagination is making things out to be. You might be feeling a lot more sensitive than usual. Consider whether any physical discomfort you might be feeling might be a manifestation of those emotions. Creativity and inspiration are high this month, take some time to sit and hear your intuition. Visual artists and musicians can be especially productive right now. Filmmaking and scriptwriting can be inspired. Collectors and gallerists should take care to balance their inner and outer life. Big business cycle starts on the 19th. Inspiration is especially high between the 2nd and 8th.



January 21st - February 20th


Aquarian artists are working in divine flow this month. Things seem to come together with little effort, if you listen to your intuition and take the next step it leads you to. This is the time to join groups of peers - teamwork and a sense of belonging will be especially energizing right now. A new cycle starts on the 19th, bringing in a period when you can really get to know yourself at a deeper level and develop spiritually. If pessimism arises, embrace it as part of a growth process but don’t take it too seriously. Collectors and gallerists would do well working with causes they believe in, hosting events involving social justice or community engagement. Embrace your role as a global citizen. Best business days between the 12th and 17th. Inspiration peaks between the 9th and 14th.



February 21st - March 20th


With the spotlight on their career, Pisces artists should embrace their ambition and dream big. There are opportunities to meet with influential people who can help you along or mentor you. Others need to hear what you have to say. This is also a time when you can really master the business aspects of your field – follow your intuition as to what you need to learn and be willing to accept opportunities to learn it. You’re an especially persuasive and engaging speaker right now. Consider teaching, others need to hear what you have to say. Collectors and gallerists have increased influence and power, use the energy to start negotiations, especially starting on the 18th. Start by getting very clear on what it is you want. Inspiration is higher than usual between the 4th and 7th.