Since 1970, Cirrus has actively printed and published works with a wide variety of artists and institutions, as well as commissioned prints by artists for charity and co-publications. The following list of artists and their works illustrate Cirrus’ history of collaboration throughout these artist’s careers as well as serving as an archive of Los Angeles printmaking. With this in mind, please note that works marked ‘NFS’ are not for sale and are listed for historical and archival purposes.

Terry Allen


Jerry Anderson


Kyoko Asano


Richard Baker


Michael Balog


Karl Benjamin


Daniel Brandely


Jerry Brane


Linda Burnham


Greg Card

Enrique Martinez Celaya


Bruce Cohen


Ron Cooper


Robert Cumming


Tony Delap


Brad Durham


Jules Engel


Claire Falkenstein


Fred Fehlau


Judy Fiskin

Llyn Foulkes


Jedd Garet


Marco Gastini


Jill Giegerich


Raul Guerrero


Marvin Harden


June Harwood


Todd Hebert


George Herms


Stephan Von Huene

George Stoll


Thaddeus Strode


Eugene Sturman


Gillian Theobald


Theodore Waddell


Charles White


Chris Wilder


William T. Wiley


Jay Willis



Brian Bress


Steven Criqui


Nathaniel de Large


Joe Deutch


Gus Foster


Ted Kerzie


Dimitri Kozyrev


Dennis Oppenheim