Bruce Nauman


Prints 1971-1981


November 3rd, 2018 – April 27th, 2019


Bruce Nauman Takes a Star Turn at MoMA – Blouin ArtInfo


Throughout the course of Bruce Nauman’s career, he has  pushed the boundaries of conceptual art. In “Bruce Nauman: Disappearing Acts,” which spans galleries at both MoMA and MoMA PS1 and is on view until February 25, works both old and new continue to challenge his audience. Nauman has always confounded expectations with an unpredictable mix of sculpture, installation, video and audio works, and this retrospective just underlines the complexity of his career.



The World Catches Up to Bruce Nauman: A Review of His Retrospective at the Schaulager – ArtNews


“The true artist helps the world by revealing mystic truths.” With those words, he is daring you to believe (or disbelieve) him. For Nauman, questions about who has made the art you are looking at—and what art, and even an artist, is—have always been paramount. One mustn’t simply read or listen to the words but, as important, consider the speaker. It makes less sense to regard Nauman’s oeuvre as a body of work than as the work of a body.



Bruce Nauman’s Restive Humor – The New Yorker


Nauman had begun by testing an idea that anything an artist does in an artist’s studio must be art. He made videos of himself walking in rote patterns, toying in darkness with a fluorescent tube, and sawing on a violin tuned to D, E, A, and D. The tapes are boring on purpose, meant to bring the droning passage of recorded real time into the real time of exhibition spaces. (Nauman told me that he had been shocked to see viewers sitting on the floor at one show of his, watching them as if they told stories.)