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Cirrus Gallery is thrilled to announce the upcoming exhibition, “Unveiling Dimensions-Bruce Nauman in Print”, which will run from July 15th to August 19th, 2023.

Bruce Nauman’s undisputed influence and contributions to contemporary art have been celebrated since the 1960’s.   His uncompromising explorations have pushed the boundaries of artistic expression, utilizing a wide array of mediums to achieve his conceptual goals.  His sculptural and video installations     explore the complexities of human behavior and identity, questioning what art is in relation to the conditions of its making.     

Nauman began using printmaking in the early 1970’s, often to engage with relationships between image and text.  Several of his earliest prints were produced at Cirrus Editions.   His poetic play and manipulation of text became the subject of many prints and neon signs as the symbols of language itself became a malleable subject for image making.

The exhibition will present several lithographs and etchings which range from the early 1970’s to the early 1980’s.  Included in the presentation are the iconic Nauman works Raw War, Canned Dance, and Normal Desires, along with many more.   Raw War was printed at Cirrus in 1971 and is one of Nauman’s earliest lithographs.  The work plays with the idea of a palindrome, as the text reads the same in reverse order.  Three layers of text are laid out and colored in such a way that the eye travels from top right to bottom left and is an example of Nauman’s ongoing interest with front-back interplay. 

Bruce Nauman continues to produce ambitious new works and is currently having his first solo exhibition in New Mexico at Site Santa Fe.


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