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Cirrus Editions is thrilled to announce their first two prints with the Los Angeles based artist Derek Boshier.

The two prints Boshier has created are, in his own words, conceptually "both images that are continuum of current concerns. Both deal with aspects of duality. In one, Two Different Landscapes, and in the other print, Corporate Men and Macho Men, respectively the natural and the corporate industrial landscapes. While technically, the construct of the images in the lithographs, that is, the linear form, are similar to my current engagement with images for my large tapestries now in production."

The two profile heads, recurring in both prints, offer some of Boshier's signature iconography that he has used in his work since the beginning of his career in the 1960s. The heads combined with the linear forms allow these prints to form an exciting bridge between his earlier and current work.

Print 1

Derek Boshier

Two Different Landscapes, 2021

Lithograph, ed. 50

40 x 30 inches


$2,500 *limited time pre-publication price*


Print 2

Derek Boshier

Corporate Men and Macho Men, 2021

Lithograph, ed. 50

40 x 30 inches


$2,500 *limited time pre-publication price*


Workshop image 1

Derek Boshier drawing at the light table at Cirrus, 2021

Workshop image 2

In process image of Two Different Landscapes

"Both images deal with duality [...] The natural and the corporate industrial landscapes."

Workshop image 3

Derek Boshier at Cirrus, 2021

Workshop image 4

Derek Boshier signing his print at Cirrus with Cirrus founder Jean Robert Milant and LACMA print curator Leslie Jones, 2021


Springing originally from the British Pop Art movement while he was a student at the Royal College of Art in London, Derek Boshier worked amongst peers such as David Hockney, RB Kitaj, Allen Jones, and Pauline Boty. The artworks from this time began his whole career in his engagement with popular culture which has continued ever since. Boshier works in various media including painting, drawing, film, books, sculpture, printmaking, graphics; and, is currently working on a series of large tapestries. Over the years, he has also made works for music groups including David Bowie, The Clash, and others. Since 2017, he has made six new short films. His most recent film, I Never Knew The World Was So Beautiful, is about a person who was blind since birth and at age 28 gains complete sight. 

Recent and upcoming shows include: Derek Boshier at City Museum of Novisad, Serbia (2022); Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai (2021); Icarus and K-Pop at Gazelli Art House, London (2021); Alchemy Alchemy at Garth Greenan Gallery, New York (2021); Headlines at Night Gallery, Los Angeles (2021); Night and Snow at Gazelli Art House, London (2019); On The Road at Gazelli Art House, London (2017). Boshier is a recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, and an Honorary Fellow Royal College of Art. His work is collected by The Brooklyn Museum, The Menill Collection, The Museum of Modern Art, The British Museum and the Centre Pompidou among many others. 

Derek Boshier lives and works in Los Angeles.



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