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Derek Boshier: Icarus and K Pop

Derek Boshier

Corporate Men and Macho Men, 2021


Edition of 50 

40 x 30 inches



Gazelli Art House represented artist Derek Boshier brings a solo exhibition to the London gallery, unveiling two series, Icarus and K Pop. The exhibition coincides with Frieze London and will incorporate a programme of corresponding events to be revealed closer to the time.

Mila Askarova, Gazelli Art House’s founder says, “Derek is integral to the gallery’s DNA, we have worked together for over half a decade starting with our five year anniversary exhibition ‘This is Today’ back in 2016. Since then we have held over eight exhibitions of Derek’s work and have showcased his instantly recognisable art at international fairs including at West Bund last year.”

Boshier, who spearheaded the pop art movement in 1960s Britain, reveals his new Icarus series, inspired by the myth, and a K Pop series influenced by the viral Korean Pop music television channel the ‘King of Mask Singers’ contest.

The myth of Icarus is a story of ambition and failure which informs Boshier’s latest series and is reworked to critique modern ideologies and cultures.  In the Icarus painting series there is a constant motif of a lonely falling figure, accompanied by various groups of plunging companions; these figures are used to represent the falling of prominent society members and power structures.

October 7 - November 13, 2021

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