Embracing our eccentricity and our need for change is what this month calls for, as the sun shifts to rebellious, freedom-loving Aquarius. Favoring the intellect over emotion, Aquarius is not as concerned with the individual, as it is with the whole – global issues, social justice and the collective’s needs before the individual’s. It is a time when we consider our place in the world and how we can contribute to creating a better one.


Aquarius-influenced art is bold, revolutionary and often controversial. It can serve to change minds and chip away at the established order. It is meant to shock us out of complacency, to make us consider where we buy into the status quo simply because it’s “always been done that way”.

This is a month that encourages us to be fearless in our self-expression. It brings us opportunities to express our individuality and see how expressing our uniqueness makes the world richer, more open and more willing to accept differences without judgment.



March 21st – April 20th


Aries artists experience a deep desire to be themselves, free of other people’s opinions. Your individuality and eccentricities really pay off now. Being authentically who you are leads you to find people and audiences who truly get you and what you’re trying to convey. This month is the perfect time to start projects related to social causes you’re passionate about. You can take the lead and be an excellent motivator to others, you’re the spark that can get things started. Collectors and gallerists can have a fun time with shows and networking, just take care to stay away from ego-driven drama especially around the 25th. Pour your enthusiasm into creating new opportunities for yourself and emerging artists. Best business days between the 10th and 14th. Inspiration is especially high around the 17th.



April 21st – May 20th


Taurus artists should embrace the spotlight this month, when the focus is on their sector of career and reputation. Whatever you’re working on expands, so be sure to put your attention on projects that really speak to you and that you wouldn’t mind spending a lot of time on. You can have authentic, unique ideas around the 6th; this is a great time to brainstorm with a group of people you trust. Let yourself dream the big dreams without worrying about the “how”. Just let your intuition guide you to the next step. Collectors and gallerists can really expand their influence in their field. Public speaking, presentations and formal events would do very well right now and there are excellent days for buying and selling around the 4th. Deep emotion and even deeper creativity around the 21st.



May 21st – June 20th


This is a month when Gemini artists get to expand their minds and horizons. You can be extremely productive right now, but you might be feeling restless. Make sure that the work you are doing now is challenging enough to keep you engaged and learning something new. Optimism is on the rise. Socializing with people from different backgrounds, watching foreign films and getting acquainted with foreign artists would really energize and inspire you. Collectors and gallerists can form relationships with level-headed people who are just as committed to their path as they are. This is a perfect time to focus on a specific medium, to master or become an expert in something you are truly passionate about. The days around the 21st are great for business negotiations. Inspiration is off the charts around the 25th.



June 21st – July 20th


This is a month that can lead to radical inner transformation and confidence for Cancer artists. It’s an excellent time to start projects involving deeply emotional or even taboo subjects; anything involving meeting your own shadow and exploring who you really are. Journaling and meditation – or any practice that lets you get to know yourself and your emotional landscape better -would be extremely beneficial right now. These aspects also give a big financial boost, and collectors and gallerists can see a big jump in profits and/or good investment opportunities. Planning smaller, intimate events or shows that provoke conversation or help foster connection between people would be very rewarding. Excellent days for business the first week of the month. Inspiration is high all month, but especially around the 21st.



July 21st – August 20th


This can be a hugely productive month for Leo artists. Extra sources of income could open up, but it’s important to give yourself the rest you need as your health is especially sensitive. Creating a beautiful workspace will be essential – invest time in transforming it into a space that makes it
easy for you to switch to creative work mode. This is also a great time for the detail-intensive, challenging work you might have been putting off. Collectors and gallerists would also do well to hire assistants if possible, and make sure the workplace is a harmonious, peaceful place to be. Huge creativity and big business around the 9th. Start new business projects between the 15th and 18th.



August 21st – September 20th


For Leo artists, this month is about forming and nurturing relationships. Going at it alone just doesn’t work for you right now. Any feelings of loneliness might just be the push you need to go out and connect with people who really get you. A lot of interesting people can enter your life and this is a great time for socializing and expanding your network. It’s also an excellent time to look for agents or managers. Your past and roots can be a huge inspiration, especially around the 10th. You might want to give your personal life priority then. Take the time to tend to your needs and you’ll come back renewed. Collectors and gallerists can do especially well around the 14th. This is an excellent time to enter into business partnerships or collectives. You can have groundbreaking ideas around the 13th.



September 21st – October 20th


This can be a really fun month for Libra artists, who get a big burst of creativity and confidence. The key for the month is play. It’s time to do things just for the fun of it, without overthinking, and just tapping into what your heart wants to do. Social events, dinners, parties, live music will energize you. You need to be in contact with people right now, exchanging ideas. Work involving story telling or acting will be greatly rewarding. Teaching children would also be energizing. Huge inspiration around the 21st, when you can combine creativity with productivity and give form to your ideas. Collectors and gallerists can have a great time putting together shows or events now, and future-oriented work is especially attractive. Excellent days for sales/purchases around the 6th.



October 21st – November 20th


Scorpio artists can look to the past for inspiration, be it their own personal past or the collective. Tapping into history and ancestry could lead to new, really exciting projects for you. This is a time when you will get the opportunity to spend more time attending to your emotions and needs and really connecting to what you need. Embrace your emotions, but don’t let them have the only voice. Letting go of past grievances will open the door to paths you’d never taken before. Collectors and gallerists should look at their space and make sure it works for them. It’s an excellent time for gallery or home makeovers, fix what needs to be fixed, or for those who are looking for new spaces, leasing or buying. Inspiration is sky high between the 16th ad 22nd. New business possible around the 15th. 



November 21st – December 20th


It’s a busy, exciting and productive month for Sagittarian artists, who can look forward to plenty of opportunities and open doors. It’s a hectic time so self-care is essential, your nervous system might be extremely sensitive right now. You might feel the pull to take some time to yourself among all the busyness. Carve out some time to spend in a quiet or outdoors environment and you’ll come back renewed and refreshed. Projects involving writing or with a heavy intellectual bent are favored. Collectors and gallerists would do well to hold or attend educational talks or engage with their community in joint projects. Get involved with schools in your neighborhood. Salesmanship and public presentation skills are at an all-time high especially between the 4th and 11th. Creativity is especially high around the 17th. 



December 21st – January 20th


This is a great month for finances for Capricorn artists, who can really build on their past success and expand. There are opportunities of finding additional avenues of income and they might just show up without too much effort. This is an excellent time to start putting together or revising budgets and financial goals. Inspiration can come from nature – going out into the natural world will really help you find your center. Find a place or activity that renews you and make the time for it. Sales and purchases can go smoothly and effortlessly this month. Collectors and gallerists can have an especially productive time around the 21st, where business and contracts for services can go smoothly. Investing is highly favored right now, especially around the 15th. Inspiration is even higher than usual around the 10th.



January 21st – February 20th


For Aquarian artists, this month is about taking the lead. Projects involving their self-image or marketing their work in some way do especially well. It’s great time for makeovers and to be your own best advocate. This is a time to embrace the spotlight, not get lost in groups. This month you find your purpose and can articulate it clearly. Even more creative than usual, you have plenty of opportunities to shine and to give form to your inspiration. Writing projects and screenplays can do especially well, as well as hosting events and public speaking. Ideas are plentiful on the days around the 17th. Collectors and gallerists can do especially well this month as they’re able to combine inspiration with practical know-how. Your thinking is clear and focused, and can make solid investments, especially around the 25th.



February 21st – March 20th


For Pisces artists, this month is about giving closure to the past so they can enter that new year that starts on their birthday on clear ground. This is the best time to get to know your intuition and get acquainted with how it speaks to you. Inspiration can come from dreams – keeping a dream journal would be an excellent idea. Spend some time near water, in silence if possible. This month can be hugely creative and ideas come to you almost fully formed, all you have to do is be available to them. Collectors and gallerists should pay attention to their intuition as well and nurture their own creativity and artistry. Embrace what you love and follow where your intuition guides you. Excellent day for presentations and talks around the 25th. Inspiration is sky high all month but especially around the 4th.