It’s no wonder the holiday season starts when the sun shifts to the sign that brings a good time wherever it goes. Optimistic and adventurous, Sagittarius loves a good party and this month brings us tons of that celebratory energy with a whole trail of planets paying it a visit.


This fire sign is associated with expanding the mind through education and travel. It encourages us to step outside our comfort zones and see the world, making it the perfect time to connect with those who are different from us and to dare to take the roads less traveled.


This month is about taking a break from the heaviness of the world and focus on joy, connection, and hope. Sagittarius’ hallmark is an unshakeable faith that keeps it steady even through the darkest times. Under its influence, spirits are bound to be lifted, if we let them. It encourages us to focus on the present and the future instead of wallowing on the past. And, most importantly, to remember that regardless of what has happened before, there is always hope that something new can be born.



March 21st – April 20th


For Aries artists, this is the time to push boundaries and broaden their artistic horizons. It’s a time of intensity and transformation, where you’ll have to exercise your trust muscles and adapt to changing circumstances. Your ruler Mars joins dreamy, spiritual Neptune on the 7th giving you a huge influx of inspiration, along with a heavy dose of emotion. Accept and feel the emotions, knowing that there’s no need to take action on them. They too shall pass. Collectors and gallerists might be in the mood to spend but watch for impulsive decisions around the 2nd. You can make some solid investments on pieces and meet sensational artists this month, but make sure your decisions are well-thought-out. Wait until after the 6th, when Mercury ends its retrograde motion, to start the big projects.



April 21st – May 20th


For Taurus artists, this is a transformational month that encourages them to look deep within themselves and see any patterns that have held them back. Don’t wait until the beginning of the new year to make plans that can completely transform your life, the time is now. Practice letting go of what doesn’t serve you or doesn’t reflect the authentic you, as any projects involving dramatic changes and decluttering are perfect now. Collectors and gallerists should go ahead with those changes they’d been called to. This is a good time to rake in profit from previous investments. It’s also a good time to resolve any lingering tax or insurance issues. Best business and creative days between the 20th and 25th.



May 21st – June 20th


For Gemini artists, this month is about expansion through collaboration. It’s a great time to enter into new partnerships or work to improve existing ones. Creativity comes from sharing ideas with others and working in collaboration. This is a month to clean out what you don’t need and open the door wide open to what’s right for you. Traveling would be even more rewarding than usual. Be sure to accept your need for freedom and for variety, there’s no need to keep yourself in a box designed by others. inspiration skyrockets around the 25th. Collectors and gallerists will be rewarded by embracing the new and unusual, especially at the end of the month. Exploring different genres than you usually do will light you up and inspire you. Great day for sales around the 21st.



June 21st – July 20th


For Cancer artists, this is the month when they can tackle their most ambitious work. You have an even more acute eye for detail right now, and when you can give form to your inspiration easily. Writing projects could come easier, as will any work involving analytical/intellectual aspects. New projects inviting you to transform your daily routines, eating or exercise habits, and/or your work space will really pay off if started around the new moon of the 7th. Your talent for nurturing and making others feel taken care of could make a big difference in someone’s life. Collectors and gallerists can use this skill to become a mentor in someone’s life. The days around the 20th are excellent for business negotiations, you can really get what you want accomplished.



July 21st – August 20th


Leo artists are in for a fun month this December. With the energy concentrated in the arena they feel most at home – creativity, fun, and romance – this is the month to prioritize what brings you joy. Follow it and let it infuse your creative work. The new moon on the 7th is the perfect time to begin big creative projects, especially those involving performing, storytelling, and/or humor. Inspiration shoots up around the 5th. Collectors and gallerists need to leave their comfort zone this month and let themselves be guided by their instincts. You can meet some unusual and talented people right now that can really inspire you. Whatever you do, make sure to follow what most feels like fun, what really lights you up. There are great business days around the 21st.



August 21st – September 20th


Virgo artists need to create a sense of home this month, to make sure they have the safe nest they need to go out into the world confidently. Because of Virgo’s highly sensitive nervous system, you have to make a conscious effort to give yourself the rest and nurturing you want. Water will do you good, not only drinking it but being close to it. Above all, it’s important to accept help when you need it instead of trying to do everything yourself. Collectors and gallerists have great opportunities to revamp their spaces, and those looking for extra space or a new location can find some great possibilities. Inspiration peaks around the 15th. Business negotiations and bidding go especially well around the 10th.



September 21st – October 20th


Libra artists can get so much done this month, they can clear the slate completely before the new year starts. Your energy is high and, although the to-do list is long, you have the skills and support to make it happen. Communication will be the focus this month – you’ll need to debate ideas, express your opinions, and write, write, write. Collectors and gallerists can use this time to get the help they need to stay organized. Your agenda might get overly full without you even noticing, make sure you spend some time prioritizing what is really, really important to you and less time on the “fillers”. Creativity spikes around the 20th. Business goes especially well around the 16th.



October 21st – November 20th


Financial security becomes the focus for Scorpio artists. It’s a good time to invest in the business aspects of your career and let go of any lingering doubts about your potential and your worth. This is the month to aim for financial freedom and take advantage of additional income opportunities that can come by. Inspiration might come from the natural world, from spending time outside, and taking good care of your body. Collectors and gallerists – especially those aiming to invest in new pieces – can have an easier time than ever. It’s a great time to seek accounting help and/or get started on new budget and plans for your financial future, especially around the new moon on the 7th.



November 21st – December 20th


It’s a new day for Sagittarian artists as their birthday month starts off with a bang. This is a time of expansion and optimism, in which you can focus on counting your blessings. Use your birthday to really appreciate how far you’ve come and take pride in what you’ve accomplished. Although external success does not have to define you, it’s a good idea to give yourself the recognition you would like to receive from others. This new moon on the 7th is excellent for projects involving your self-image, makeovers, or making yourself known. Collectors and gallerists can take the lead in community projects, since public speaking would really pay off right now. Great business days around the 7th. Inspiration skyrockets around the 21st.



December 21st – January 20th


For Capricorn artists, this period before their birthday is one of rest and reflection. It’s a good time to come to terms with the past and give closure to what you need to let go of. Take the time to journal or meditate or even go on a retreat if you can. Your nervous system will thank you for the quiet time you give it. Inspiration is especially high around the 7th. Collectors and gallerists can make great progress towards their goal on the days around the 16th, which is a great day for business negotiations and partnerships. Make sure you focus on what’s really important to you and not exhaust your energy on problems that are not yours to solve.



January 21st – February 20th


Aquarian artists could be at their best during this time of the year, when the spotlight shines on the arena they’re most comfortable in: friends, community, and dreaming up the future. Connect with those on a similar path and who share your same level of commitment. Aquarians –more than almost any other sign –needs to feel they’re contributing something to the greater good. If you feel not enough is being done for those issues you care about, take the reins and make it happen. Collectors and gallerists would do well to get involved in the planning or hosting events for charity or social justice causes. Work and exhibits that spark great discussion will be especially fulfilling. Best business days around the 16th. Inspiration is especially high around the 10th.



February 21st – March 20th


Pisces artists could be looking at a spectacular month career-wise. If you’ve done the work and put in the time, this is when you start seeing rewards. Look inward and see if there’s any lingering self-doubt that’s holding you back. If there is, being aware of when this self-doubt is at work will help you transcend it. Collectors and gallerists would do well to start the big, ambitious projects now. You might find yourself with much more responsibility than you had before, but you will come out the other side much more confident. Take opportunities to host events that can expand people’s minds through discussion or education, especially around the 19th. Inspiration is sky high on the 25th.