This month, although three planets remain in Capricorn, the sun shines in rebellious, rule-breaking Aquarius.
Aquarius, known as the zodiac’s eccentric, encourages us all to think and act outside the box.


Staunchly independent, Aquarians often maintain a cool detachment in interpersonal relationships, stubbornly resisting any attempts to curtail their freedom or individuality.

But, while seemingly aloof one-on-one, many Aquarians have a deep passion for equality and justice. Many are devoted to causes greater than themselves and will fight for others as much as they do for themselves. The brotherhood of humankind is far from an abstract concept to them, it is, in fact, a very real goal to strive for and a principle to live by.


Aquarius is never afraid of breaking with tradition if it means establishing a better, more just system. It encourages us to take a step back and ask whether we’re holding onto the status quo because it works or because we’re afraid of change. If it’s the latter, Aquarius – which is ruled by the planet of societal transformation, Uranus – will push each of us to change, even if it means breaking quite a few plates along the way.

In art, Aquarius rewards us when we’re not afraid to be different, when we embrace our uniqueness, and are not afraid to stir things up. It’s associated with the future and new technologies, making this an ideal time to play with new forms and innovative media. And, with its electric, highly intellectual energy, Aquarius favors art that provokes conversation, study, and a whole lot of controversy.



March 21st – April 20th


This is a good time for Aries artists to connect with the world at large, to explore how they can serve the greater good. Your ruler Mars moves into solid, earthy Taurus mid-month, making long-term projects especially likely to pay off in tangible ways. Watch out for your tendency to rush and take the time to do things mindfully. Hurrying through things can create unnecessary stress for yourself and those around you. Collectors and gallerists should consider joining professional organizations and take the time to dream up possibilities for the future. You might be in an acquiring mood, especially after the 14th.



April 21st – May 20th


Taurus artists should embrace their ambition and desire for recognition. Things you do now bring you more prominence and attention. Make sure to spend your time wisely and on things that can really take you where you want to go. You become more efficient and confident in practical matters and the management of your own career, readying yourself for leadership opportunities. The days around the 18th are especially good for deep research and ambitious, large-scale work. Collectors and gallerists would do well to network and get out of their social comfort zone. Great days for sales and investments around the 23rd.



May 21st – June 20th


Traveling and new experiences need to be a priority for Gemini artists this month. The days around the 19th bring huge inspiration, especially for creative writers, poets, and musicians. Follow your intuition, trust you’re on the path you need to be on. This is a good time for collectors and gallerists to expand collections and contacts; be sure to read the fine print in any contracts very carefully and get a second pair of eyes and ears on any major investments. You might be seeing what you want to see instead of what’s really there. Excellent days for shows around the 22nd. Inspiration is sky high on the 19th.



June 21st – July 20th


There’s a world of inspiration available for Cancer artists right now, but they might have to face their fears first. Facing them leads to a deeper sense of self-confidence and mastery. Knowing that you can be present to your deeper emotions without getting consumed by them will change your relationship to your inner world. A full moon on the 19th in your arena of self-worth and finances can help you confront any obstacles to your financial self-sufficiency and let them go. Collectors and gallerists would do well to start handling any tax issues now. It’s the best time to deal with insurance and loans, especially around the 15th.



July 21st – August 20th


For Leo artists, this month is about connecting and healing relationships that need it. If you feel burdened by the past, remember that forgiveness can free you. You might feel especially driven to work and tempted to spend every waking hour on projects. Make sure to give yourself time to breathe and pause, which will increase your creativity and help you make the best decisions. Collectors and gallerists are going to be busier than ever – this is a good time to find administrative help if you need it, especially around the 10th. Spend some time going over your work space and routines – it’s a good time to revamp them if they need to be. Inspiration peaks around the 14th.



August 21st – September 20th


This is a great time for Virgo artists to enhance their productivity, efficiency, and work spaces. Your attention to detail is even sharper than usual – use this month to work on those really challenging projects that require plenty of persistence and research. There is huge inspiration around the 19th. Collectors and gallerists can really take the steps they need to expand their presence in the market. This is a good time to socialize – take advantage of any opportunities to fairs or events, it might end up being both enjoyable and profitable. You might meet some intriguing people who will inspire you, especially around the 22nd.



September 21st – October 20th


For Libra artists, there’s a push/pull between being domestic and being in the limelight, and it seems that one is incomplete without the other. You can have both if you give yourself the time you need for introspection, it will give you the energy you need to go out and shine. Collectors and gallerists can get a lot done by networking. You don’t need to go attend every social event, get quiet and listen to your inner guidance, it will tell you what’s the best use of your time. Best business days between 18th and 23rd. Inspiration is highest around the 24th.



October 21st – November 20th


For Scorpio artists, emotions take center stage – pay attention to your feelings and your intuition. Set the intention to take good care of yourself and respect how you feel. You might be acutely aware of your own sensitivity and vulnerabilities, but there’s nothing to fear. You can create a sense of safety for yourself by practicing good self-care and being on your own team. Create a space where only those you absolutely trust are allowed. Collectors and gallerists can make great strides this month, particularly when it comes to business partnerships. You’ll be especially rewarded in leadership positions. Best business days around the 14th.



November 21st – December 20th


For Sagittarius artists, connection and communication take center stage. Writing projects take on renewed importance and flow easier than ever. This is a month of movement, when you cannot sit still if you tried. Things fluctuate around you but, if you keep your own center, changes don’t have to throw you off your game. Collectors and gallerists can get their to-do list clear this month, you’ll have the energy and discipline to do what you need to do. Excellent business days between the 15th and 19th. Inspiration sky rockets around the 11th.



December 21st – January 20th


Capricorn artists should be ready to welcome new energy in the financial arena, including additional income opportunities or money-making ideas. Make sure to ask for what your time is worth, do not sell yourself short. Right now, you’re in a great position to take leadership roles and be your own best advocate. It’s time to be bold and ask exactly for what you want. Inspiration is exceptionally high on the 18th. For collectors and gallerists, this is an excellent time for big-ticket investments and to explore new possibilities regarding their space. Best days for sales and negotiations between the 16th and 19th.



January 21st – February 20th


This month, Aquarian artists can realize that they truly do have everything they need to succeed. You have done the work, you have put in the time. Take the opportunity to look back and acknowledge how far you’ve come, counting the blessings in your life. This month is a month of gratitude, when you should focus on your achievements, instead of dwelling on what seems insufficient. Collectors and gallerists are feeling reflective and internal. Approach challenges – whether professional or interpersonal – as opportunities to learn essential lessons you need to be even more successful. The days around the 15th are especially good for investments. Inspiration can sky rocket around the 19th.



February 21st – March 20th


Pisces artists might be feeling especially inspired, especially those that work with poetry, music, or film. You might feel the need to retreat from the outside world – take some time to spend in silence, in natural environments, or with soothing music that can help settle your nervous system. Meditating or meditative movement, like yoga, tai chi, or mindful walking, would do you a world of good. Collectors and gallerists’ creativity needs nurturing, spend some time expressing your own feelings through art or creative writing. The days between 14th and 17th are perfect for negotiations and pursuing new avenues of work. Productivity and creativity go hand in hand around the 19th.