As the sun shifts to peace-loving, relationship-oriented Libra, we explore what it means to live and work in collaboration. Connection takes center stage and we learn to balance personal needs with the needs of a partner or team.

With Venus – patron of the arts, beauty, and money – as their ruler, Libra is a fertile period for all types of creativity and art. It tends to favor symmetry and classical forms, things that stand the test of time. It also endows Libra with charm and tact, making it easy for them to bring people together. In fact, the new moon on the 9th in Libra is a great time for events or projects that bring an eclectic group of people together and lets them forget their differences.

This talent for bringing people together and mediating comes from another one of Libra’s big gifts: the ability to see and balance multiple sides’ point of view. This gift can turn into a problem when it leads to indecision (after all, if both paths are valid, which one do you choose?). More times than not, however, it can serve as a wonderful antidote to the competitiveness that seems to be our world’s default. This Libran peace-making energy is perfect for healing relationships that need it and seeing things from another’s point of view, letting what unites us weigh much more than what divides us.



March 21st – April 20th


For Aries artists, this month is all about connection. It’s a great time for intimate, one-on-one conversation and to really get to know others at a deeper level. It’s important to balance the “me” with the “we” this month, independence with interdependence. You’ll have to juggle many people’s needs at this time so patience will be required. Any projects started this month will do best if started with the intention of benefiting something greater than personal interests. This is the time to think big and expansively. Collectors and gallerists can use this time to connect with peers, join organizations, and connect with new artists. This is the perfect time for networking and negotiations. Watch for misunderstandings around the 19th, business talks can do best between the 9th and 12th. Creative projects involving collaboration really pay off, especially if started on the 9th.



April 21st – May 20th


This is a very work-oriented, productive month for Taurus artists. This is the time to get yourself organized and start any decluttering projects. Go through your space and toss out everything that doesn’t fit who you are or what you do; creating empty space around you will let you welcome in the new. Letting go is often hard for Taurus, so start with the smaller things that you can easily part with and let the momentum carry you forward. This month is also great for financial matters and collectors and gallerists can easily attract exactly what they need, whether it’s cash, investors, or the help they need to get organized. The days around the 24th are excellent for business planning and negotiations. Artists have especially brilliant ideas around the 31st, be prepared to be bold.



May 21st – June 20th


With the emphasis on their area of creativity and self-expression, Gemini artists have an inspired month ahead. It’s a good time to embrace the digital world and really put your work out there. Above all, this month joy needs to be your guide. Projects involving communications are especially favored – writing projects can flow easily. Use the days around the new moon on the 9th to start projects that involve media that you don’t generally use. It’s a good time to get comfortable with “beginner’s mind”, the open state of mind that assumes it does not know and that opens the door to new, original ideas. Collectors and gallerists can have an especially great month. Excellent business talks around the 22nd. It’s a great time to attend or host events, the bigger the better.



June 21st – July 20th


This month, Cancer artists might be feeling even more domestic than usual. More than almost any other sign, Cancers need a place to call their own, somewhere they can go take refuge. Take the time to create spaces like that for yourself and take care of your inner world. Inspiration might come from exploring your ancestry or writing about your past. This is an excellent time for collectors and gallerists to also pay attention to their personal life and prioritize their self-care. They might also use this time to expand their spaces or explore the possibility of a new space altogether. The full moon in Taurus on the 24th can bring you together with the people you need and share interests with. New important friendships are on the horizon.



July 21st – August 20th


Leo artists are in for a busy, action-packed month that will put their time-management skills to the test. This is a good time to expand your mind by taking classes in new media, subjects, or techniques. If any interpersonal conflicts arise, make sure to not let ego get in the way of your own peace of mind and ask yourself: would you rather be right or happy? You can channel the intense emotion you feel around that time into powerful work. Inspiration might come from elders, mentors, people whose work you really admire. Collectors and gallerists can have a hugely productive month and their negotiating skills are at their peak, especially around the 26th. For artists, inspiration skyrockets around the 24th. Go with the flow and see where it takes you.



August 21st – September 20th


This can be an excellent financial month for Virgo artists, bringing the possibility of new work opportunities, along with good opportunities for self-care and pampering. Take breaks from work to enjoy nature, a natural environment and silence could be your greatest inspirations now. Your intellect is as sharp and original as ever, especially around the 10th, however, this is also a time when you have to make sure to think before you speak, as some hurt feelings might ensue. It’s a great time for business matters for collectors and gallerists, who can find exactly what they need at the right time. It’s a great time for big-ticket items, and bidding can go especially well around the 22nd. Events and shows can really pay off around the 19th.



September 21st – October 20th


This is the month for Libra artists to let themselves really shine. The time is right for projects that require decisive action. Your charm is at an all-time high around the 15th, this is a great time to network and approach decision-makers. This month is also good for those wanting to find agents, managers, or buyers as you can really put your best foot forward. Inspiration might come from tuning into your senses, so be sure to spend time immersing yourself in beauty (even more than usual). Collectors and gallerists can have a great time hosting events right now, socializing and networking. It’s an excellent time for marketing and becoming a leader in a subject you’re passionate about. Business talks can be especially fruitful around the 24th. Inspiration spikes around the 31st.



October 21st – November 20th


This is a time of reflection and introspection for Scorpio artists. Give closure to the loose ends from the last year – clear the slate and write your new story. It’s a hugely imaginative time, especially if you give yourself the time alone you need. This month, it’s a good idea to check where you’re still trying to control things that are beyond your control. Loosen your grip on the reins a bit. Flow with the changing circumstances and trust yourself, you’ll land on your feet as you always have. Collectors and gallerists should balance work and rest. Paying attention to your internal life and adding some moments of silence in your day will lead you to the right decisions. Excellent days for purchases and sales around the 26th. Inspiration is high all month but especially on the 22nd.



November 21st – December 20th


For Sagittarius artists, this month is perfect for networking and connecting to others on their same path. If you haven’t yet – or even if you have – this is the month you meet your “tribe”, those people who really get who you are and what you’re about. Welcoming different people and new ideas into your life will make it infinitely richer. Inspiration comes from pursuing change at a societal level and engaging with the causes you really care about. Your positive energy and humor are what many are looking for. Collectors and gallerists can do incredibly well – buying and selling is likely to turn a profit – but be careful not to miss anything in the fine print. Business is excellent around the 29th. Inspiration sky rockets around the 10th.



December 21st – January 20th


Career takes center stage for Capricorn artists this month. Projects started now could really raise your visibility and standing in the field. Collaborative projects can really pay off and there is huge inspiration to be had from the groups you frequent – be open to listening to others’ ideas carefully and take note. Your hard work and careful attention to detail can really pay off right and you’re especially able to be your own best advocate. Collectors and gallerists can easily tackle those projects that need a whole lot of self-discipline and persistence, they’ll have both those things in spades. It’s the right time to get help, craft business plans, and budget. This month is perfect for shows and events, get ready to be in the spotlight and to use it to your advantage. Great business days between the 24th and 28th. Inspiration is off the roof around the 12th.



January 21st – February 20th


This is the time for Aquarius artists to expand their horizons far and wide. Take big risks, do things you’ve never tried before. If you’d been thinking of trying new media, aiming for a different audience, or pursuing higher education, this is the time. You might be full of energy, to the point where it makes you restless – make sure to get some physical exercise or challenge your body in some way. Take care of yourself by going out in nature and eating good food. Collectors and gallerists can be inspired by foreign cultures or artists, and traveling would be especially rewarding now. You can find partners and artists who are on your same path and who share the same level of commitment, especially around the 28th. Inspiration sky rockets around the 31st.



February 21st – March 20th


This is a deeply emotional and transformational month for Pisces artists, and they have a chance to explore who they are and what they really want. Embrace your dreams and desires. Journaling, meditation, and other therapeutic or spiritual practices would be extremely rewarding right now. Inspiration can come from being vulnerable and sharing your truth with those who you trust. Ask for the help you need and you will find it. Facing your fears and your hidden desires will lead you to increased self-confidence and mastery. Themes of sex and power might particularly call you now. On more practical terms, collectors and gallerists needing to deal with loans or insurance issues, this is the time to do it, especially around the new moon of the 9th. Creativity spikes between the 25th and 29th.