JUNE 2018


Nothing is constant or guaranteed when the sun moves into changeable, communicative Gemini. With the spotlight on the sign of the twins, communication – either verbal or written – becomes more important than ever. Words take on more power and it becomes necessary to debate, share, connect with others who think like us.

Gemini energy is movable, fluid, and enhances our ability to change our mind and to let go of any patterns that need to be let go of. It’s a great time to engage our intellect by learning new things, experimenting with new media, or new ways of self-expression.


The new moon on the 13th encourages us to start projects that are centered around new ideas and new beliefs. Changing your mind, after all, is the first step to changing what’s around you. Take this opportunity to examine how your mind works and how your beliefs are shaping your life and your work. Letting yourself change and flow with circumstances instead of resisting them is what this month calls for.


As with every sign, there is a dark side to Gemini. In its case it’s superficiality, using cleverness to mask the truth, or manipulating words to hurt others. Despite that, it ultimately remains the sign of the twins, a timeless symbol of connection. With its energy, we can learn that we’re not meant to do life by ourselves and that ideas evolve and mature as we share them with others. More importantly, we learn that words, if used correctly, can be used to discover what we have in common rather than what sets us apart.



March 21st – April 20th


For Aries artists, this is a great time to expand their repertoire and their mental horizons. Studying, reading, and learning new things will be the challenge you need to keep things fresh. Learning another language or media would be hugely fulfilling right now. Exchanging ideas with others will do you a world of good and get you farther down the path than going at it alone. Progress on certain projects might seem to be at a standstill around the 26th, but it’s temporary. Use this as a time when you can reassess and tie up any loose ends, so you can move forward confidently. Collectors and gallerists should wrap up any negotiations before that time. Join professional organizations or informal groups of peers if you can. There is huge creativity around the 21st. Great business days between the 20th and 25th.



April 21st – May 20th


For Taurus artists, this is a great time for extra income, especially through anything involving communication or writing. If you find yourself feeling any anxiety about money (or the lack of it), shift your attention to appreciating what you already have. What you focus on expands so put your focus on what you want more of. There is no need to micromanage, trust that the path will become clear. Collectors and gallerists can do especially well hosting big events or performances. Educational events would also do well right now. Start new business projects involving your budgets, accounts, or future income opportunities on the new moon of the 13th. Creativity abounds the first week of the month. Business does especially well around that time as well.



May 21st – June 20th


For Gemini artists, this is the perfect time for reinvention. The way you present yourself to the world could change in some dramatic way. It’s also a great time to set some boundaries in relationships, especially those that you feel are draining you. This is possibly the best time of year to show your work, market yourself, and embrace the limelight. Watch out for some negativity around the 16th. Be very compassionate with yourself, don’t let self-criticism blind you to your achievements. Collectors and gallerists would do very well with negotiations and contracts around that time. Discipline, inventiveness, and focus are heightened around the 23rd. Great day for socializing and sales around the 19th.



June 21st – July 20th


This is a hugely creative and emotional month for Cancer artists and they might be feeling even more sensitive than usual. This is a great time for a spiritual retreat, to take some time off from the busyness of life in preparation for a new start on your birthday. Make sure to get enough sleep and rest, which your body will really need. This is a great time to work in service to others, so projects involving charities, hospitals, or others who need your support would really fulfill you. Collectors and gallerists can also benefit from doing work for non-profits or causes they really care about. Spend time in gratitude and connect with spiritual practices. Start new creative projects on the 13th with the new moon. Business partnerships and negotiations do especially well on the 28th.



July 21st – August 20th


For Leo artists, this month is about connections. This is the perfect time to expand your social circle, to network and join professional groups of peers if possible. You’ll be hugely inspired by brainstorming with others. This is also a great time to take leadership positions in groups dealing with causes you care about. Art having to do with global issues, politics, or subjects that spark conversation would all do especially well. Writing projects can do especially well around the 6th, the words will flow. Collectors and gallerists can do extremely well in bidding and negotiations around the 13th, when you’re even more charming than usual. Watch out for some pessimism around the 27th, difficulties around that time will be resolved before you know it.



August 21st – September 20th


For Virgo artists, this is the time for the big, ambitious career projects. Your communication skills are sharper than ever and it’s a great time for public speaking or writing projects. Work requiring concentration and deep research does especially well around the 23rd. This is the time to embrace being seen, to really appreciate your successes and achievements. Watch for a tendency to be overly self-critical, you can learn from your mistakes without beating yourself up about them. Collectors and gallerists can use this time to make fruitful connections and have the tough conversations they need to have. Virgos love being of service but be sure to establish some good boundaries and avoid burning yourself out in your quest to help others. Best days for expansion of spaces and collections around the 19th.



September 21st – October 20th


Libra artists need adventure this month. If you’re feeling restless, make sure you’re getting enough of a challenge. Explore other media, other venues, and connect with different people than you usually do. It’s a great time to read and travel, and to do things in a different way especially if it makes you uncomfortable. Trusting the universe to help you and having faith in yourself lets you navigate the changes around you easily and make the best of them. Global issues could call to you now. It’s an excellent time to read up and learn more about foreign cultures and religions. This month is perfect for collectors and gallerists to network and expand their social circle. There are great business days around the 13th. Inspiration is through the roof around the 15th.



October 21st – November 20th


Scorpio artists find themselves with increased confidence and charisma. This is the perfect time for dramatic change. Letting go of what no longer works for you will be essential so you can move forward. Note whether old resentments are weighing you down, if they are, set an intention to let them go. It’s a good time to set things right with your family of origin and the past. You’ll feel much lighter and freer than you ever did before if you do. You might notice plans stall around the 26th, but just use the time to reassess your approach. Collectors and gallerists can have especially great business days around the 6th. This is a good month for selling and buying and making a good profit. It’s also a good month to take care of insurance, loans, and any outstanding tax issues.



November 21st – December 20th


For Sagittarius artists, this month is perfect for connection and partnership. Sagittarians need their freedom but paying attention to your relationships and developing more intimate connections with others will give you the balance you need. On the business side, this is a good time to find good managers and agents, people that really understand and believe in you. Take opportunities for conversation and friendly debate, it will reinvigorate you and provide you with fresh ideas as long as you really listen to what others have to say. Collectors and gallerists can find the help they’d been looking for and bond with new peers. This is a great time for socializing and throwing parties and events. Everything flows smoothly, especially around the 19th. Inspiration is off the roof around the 25th.



December 21st – January 20th


This is a hugely productive month for Capricorn artists, especially those that work with verbal or written communication. Your intellect is sharper than ever and it’s a great time to tackle the challenging, analytically oriented work. Break the big goals down into steps and you can achieve anything. You might have a lot of irons in the fire, but you also have the energy and stamina to handle them and make the most of it. Make sure to get some rest though, your body will need downtime as you might be feeling more sensitive than usual. Collectors and gallerists can meet fantastic success this month. Be open to receiving the administrative or accounting help you need. Great business days between the 21st and 27th. Inspiration is especially high around the 13th.



January 21st – February 20th


This month is about fun and inspiration for Aquarius artists. Letting yourself play around with color and images without the need to be productive could be hugely invigorating. Performances and drama might be fulfilling too. You might be feeling especially outgoing and in the mood for socializing, and romantic partnerships could provide big inspiration. Make sure to get some time alone as well, however, so you don’t get lost in others’ ideas. Brilliant ideas can come along around the 30th, when you can really tackle the difficult subjects and give form to abstract concepts. Collectors and gallerists should embrace the limelight as they’ll be receiving more attention than usual. Connecting with water energy by going to the ocean or lake will revive your spirit. Business negotiations can go especially well around the 27th.



February 21st – March 20th


For Pisces artists, it’s time to look inward. New projects involving your past, group history, or ancestors would do especially well. Take the opportunity to let go of old grudges or hurts, let yourself have a fresh start. You might be feeling especially sensitive – make sure to take good care of yourself and have the same compassion for yourself that you have for others. Don’t expect to move too quickly right now and give yourself the TLC you need. For collectors and gallerists, it’s the perfect time to focus on beautifying their space. Tend to your nest. Set an intention for what you would like to see in there and what your ideal space would be. Let yourself dream up possibilities. There are great business days around the 7th. Inspiration is especially high between the 3rd and 5th.