Once Emerging, Now Emerging: Livin’ L.A.


December 3rd, 2011 – January 11th, 2012



Vija Celmins

Judy Chicago

Greg Curtis

Doug Edge

Margarete V. Haines

John P. Hogan

Rachel Kessler

Calvin Lee

Lesley Moon

Terry O’Shea

Lari Pittman

Ken Price

Vincent Ramos

Ed Ruscha

Orlando Tirado

Bobbi Woods

Cirrus Gallery is pleased to present Livin’ L.A., the second installment of its Once Emerging, Now Emerging series, as a part of the Getty’s Pacific Standard Time initiative. As a mixed installment of artists working up to and after PST’s 1980 cut-off date, the exhibition proposes that PST, as a moment, is still happening. The presented work engages evolved histories of the L.A. art world’s landscape; its multi-context and subjectivity through a “rear view of sorts” to the past while still moving forward. The exhibition builds itself generally from the platform of the literal landscape and iconography of Hollywood. Works range from landscape painting to pop reverent video, performance-based sculpture, literature, photography and music. Mixed throughout the exhibition are video and audio elements of mixed generational art, pop and social culture selected by artists and the curators, along with a live performance opening night by John Hogan’s Ponce de Leon.


Works in exhibition by Vija Celmins, Judy Chicago, Greg Curtis, Doug Edge, Margarete V. Haines, John P. Hogan, Rachel Kessler, Calvin Lee, Lesley Moon, Terry O’Shea, Lari Pittman, Ken Price, Vincent Ramos, Ed Ruscha, Orlando Tirado and Bobbi Woods. Curated by Aaron Wrinkle and Jean Milant.