I to Eye II

Various Artists

November 21st, 1992 – January 2nd, 1993

The Table Series: New Paintings

Kyoko Asano

October 10th – November 14th, 1992

New Editions

Lita Albuquerque, Charles Garabedian & Brian Murphy

June 20th – August 12th, 1992

New Editions

John Millei, Sarah Seager & Chris Wilder

March 14th – May 16th, 1992


New Work

Robert Thill

January 11th – March 7th, 1992

Group Show

Various Artists

November 15th, 1992 – January 4th, 1993

New Paintings

Richard Baker

September 12 – October 10th, 1992

Changing Group Exhibition

Various Artists

June 20th – September 5th, 1992

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Various Artists

Curated by Irit Krygier and Jean Milant

March 14th – June 6th, 1992

New Work

Charles Christopher Hill

November 9th, 1991 – January 4th, 1992