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IFPDA Spring 2021 Online Edition

May 14 - 28, 2021

May 14 – 28, 2021

Simphiwe Ndzube, Iqhawe, 2021
Lita Albuquerque, She Whispered into our Ear: Surrender into Diamonds!, 2021
Farah Atassi, Model in Studio 4, 2021
Farah Atassi, Seated Woman, 2021
Farah Atassi, Model in Studio 6, 2021
Judy Chicago, On Fire at Eighty, 2019
Jonas Wood, Untitled, 2010
David Lamelas, Woman Running in Twelve Sections, 2009

Press Release

The presentation of our IFPDA booth is an extension of a new exhibition project we have started at our gallery and online around the open-ended theme of "figuration." For this project we consider figurative work, broadly, as a way to move away from abstraction, a way to share narratives and express identity or a as a way to converse with and critique realistic representation in the world to come. Simultaneously, the booth highlights our new and forthcoming releases by Lita Albuquerque, Farah Atassi and Simphiwe Ndzube—Atassi and Ndzube play an important role in our understanding of who and what a figure can be today.

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