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Cirrus Gallery is pleased to announce a retrospective exhibition of works on paper by Craig Kauffman, spanning the years 1958- 2000. The works reflect a sensuous and luminous color sensibility, fused with Kauffman’s fascination of the unorthodox. Kauffman is a native Californian and seminal figure in contemporary Los Angeles art. His work reflects a broad historical knowledge of European painting and Asian visual language. The physical properties of the circular ringed shapes in Bubble Flower define the “void,” a highly important concept in Japanese Zen art. Pop images, such as high heel shoes from Frederick’s of Hollywood, became a frequent subject for the artist. Hollywood Walk #3 is a recent drawing on vinyl, based on digitized images of Frederick’s collages which he used in the early 1960’s. Using similat colors, Kauffman’s drawings are both finished and working ideas from his paintings. The calligraphic, abbreviated manner of Kauffman’s compositions is organized like a Kanji character- complex, spontaneous and artistic. The exhibition will be on view from September 11th through November 6th, 2010.

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