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We are pleased to announce an exhibition of the most recent paintings by Dimitri Kozyrev. Russian born, and now residing in Santa Barbara, Dimitri has had solo shows in Los Angeles and New York and currently teaches at UC Santa Barbara. Dimitri’s work engages his relationship to the typical Southern California landscape through the linear perspective of the traveler as a sort of seismic ripple. His typical single point perspective draws the viewer through a space which is constantly fracturing as it nears the periphery: buildings shatter and blur, freeways collide, and pastures splinter as the horizon remains suspiciously placid. However, rich in traces of civilization which at first seem to be fossils of urban desolation, Dimitri’s landscapes maintain a fluidity which negotiates the forces of change as simultaneously constructive. Three of his most recent works, rendered as diptychs, demonstrate a digression into pictorial space rather than physical space; turning inward toward the horizon line. The representation of these environments, such as ruins of the Finnish War, contextualizes the movement through these impermanent monuments; for although crumbling plinths of public space, they dispel the notion of apocalyptic frass for a more holistic notion of the way that time plays out in mutable geometry.

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