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Cirrus Gallery & Cirrus Editions, Ltd. is pleased to announce Glossy Fruits / Pathological Products, Anesthetics / Autopsies, Hide the Empire and Just Add Vegetable Oil: Product Lady 2­—Cirrus’s first Live Stream Performance Series with Holly Harrell. In four parts Harrell will present an exuberant selection of hybrid objects for sale reminiscent of home shopping networks yet with underlying moral questions as to why we want what we see. Through research, character studies and displacing actual locations with fantasy spaces Harrell explores themes related to nationalism, chaos theory, American mythologies, class consciousness and grief. For Product Lady 2 she has created new material based on conversations surrounding ongoing consumerism and workspace dynamics.

Holly Harrell is a Los Angeles based artist working across video, performance, and sculpture, originally from Staten Island, New York. She completed her MFA at the California Institute of the Arts in 2020 and holds a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She received a grant from the Roger Brown Study Collection in 2015 to conduct tours of the White House as Jackie O at different vernacular art environments throughout the Midwest as well as junkyards and grocery stores. She has participated in various screenings and performances throughout New York and Chicago and has performed at Jan Weenix, Other Places Art Fair and Hosting Projects in recent years in Los Angeles. Most recently, she exhibited at the MAK Center for Art and Architecture and a had video on the Artforum website. Along with her collaborator, she was awarded the Reef Residency and grant and is currently working on a screening and discussion series on parafictions, as experienced in contemporary video art as well as widely circulated media platforms.

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