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Curated by Susan Logoreci is a series of photographs from Detroit-based artist James Griffioen. The ex-securities lawyer turned photographer explores the entropic terrain of a city struggling to stay alive while the natural landscape gently draws its bucolic curtains. He says, “There is a certain comfort here. The earth is fine. Nature is patient. The plants are just waiting. It is the monuments we build, the paths we tread that are endangered.” 

A series of Dennis Oppenheim prints and a large-scale photo triptych will also be on display from his best-known 1970’s landworks period. By inserting his vision onto aerial photographs, Oppenheim creates a virtual rendition of the proposed projects. Oppenheim combines photographs, maps and text in such works as Ghost Trip, Tar Wells and Death Ramp. The exhibition will be on view alongside Susan Logoreci’s It’s Hard To Know Where You Stand, When You’re Standing In It from February 26th through April 16th, 2011

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