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Cirrus is pleased to present Justin Moore’s Time Machines and Paranoid Landscapes.

Moore continues to explore monumental landscape and the relationship bet ween nature, technology, and human experience. His work allegorizes aesthetic experience through visceral and disorienting representations of nature and architecture.

In this exhibition, the viewer is drawn into the space by the optical gravitation of a pulverized moon, while a video projection invokes the mechanized gaze of the Mars Rover.

Delicately rendered ink wash drawings represent ecological cataclysms that combine the vocabulary of Chinese landscape painting with the Surrealist’s paranoid-critical method.

Inspired by the Japanese kaijin, or humanoid monsters, a series of paintings depict ecological monstrosities on a human scale through a time-sensitive process of pouring and removing oil paint from a smooth surface, while skyscrapers struggle with the nature of their verticality in ten foot-tall ink drawings.

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