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In certain instances of extreme violence, the physical event separates itself from the consciousness of the participant, and two distinct narratives are launched. One is subject to the domination of physical law, while the other, created by such extraordinary effects as “shock” or “divine intervention”, leads to what might be called a “psychological wilderness”. This “wilderness” is based not on the laws of nature, but on the potential of human consciousness.

Tectonic begins an exploration of these narratives. The car crash is expressed as the accelerated formation of rocky land masses, while a dense and seemingly endless forest awaits its passengers. A man with a megaphone calls out to guide them; or is he merely directing a delusional fantasy?

Justin is a recent graduate of the College of Creative Studies at UC Santa Barbara. He has exhibited in group shows throughout California, however this is his first solo exhibition. Along with the exhibition, Cirrus Editions will release two new limited edition prints by Justin Moore, as well as a free “web edition” that will be available for download during the course of the exhibit on the Cirrus website.

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