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Cirrus Gallery is proud to present at large, Nathaniel de Large’s first solo exhibition. Featured in the Cosmos Factory group exhibition last year at Cirrus, de Large explores the scope of the everyday in his playful investigations pulling apart and playing upon assumptions. While overarching themes appear to be at work, one can not quite identify the thread between them.

These works are a case-by-case exploration of the artist’s position. de Large suggests possibilities for artistic potential in all aspects of daily life, injecting new meaning into the familiar. Jumbo Clip (2009) renders the paper clip a loaded sculpture with reference to an elementary school game. The mundane object is under an enormous amount of tension, questioning the viewer’s willingness to play.

Indian Casino Trip (2009) is a delicate universe comprised of a circle of rocks strung with silver necklaces that conduct electricity. Blind Snake (2009) is a floor-to-ceiling installation which plays upon our recognition of the archetypal snake in the grass.

Chromachi Machines (2007) embodies a more complex perceptual shift. de Large reinterprets the culturally-loaded sombrero as a car wheel rim, a simultaneously high and lowbrow design concept constructed of cardboard and chrome tape. The wheel rim suggests the mariachi band, bringing an awareness of goods for sale and a market which influences creativity.

In keeping with the nature of the work, the title at large refers to a misinterpretation of the artist’s name during a recent meeting with a landlord. It also alludes to a lack of allegiance de large has to any particular process or media for making work. The exhibition will be on view from November 14th, 2009 through January 2nd, 2010.

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