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Opening on July 7th , Cirrus Gallery is pleased to present Night Blooms, a group exhibition curated by Mark Golamco of new work by Jennifer Levonian, Maria Gamboa, Angie Lacerenza, Mark Golamco, Levente Sulyok, Davy Lauterbach, Alexandra Mathis, Elizabeth Sibilia, and Kim Blodgett.

While following the work of several artists, Golamco encountered many projects that find significance or beauty in private, overlooked or unseen aspects of existence.

Some examples are more personal than others: Jennifer Levonian’s stop animation, Smells Like English Boxwood, depicts an angst-ridden college romance on a campus that borders a living history park. Levente Sulyok, fascinated by chance, borrows a form by Sol LeWitt to pay tribute to events related to his own artistic development. Davy Lauterbach’s drawings and paintings use noir cinematic storyboard sensibilities to depict his life and experience in Hollywood. Through his work Lauterbach depicts what is desired yet unattainable to cinematic audiences, the love of a leading lady. The paintings of Alexandra Mathis and Angie Lacerenza and the woodcarvings of Mark Golamco reveal a compulsion to describe the metaphysical nature of things, partly through a careful attention to tactility.

Night Blooms also features representations of architectural and industrial forms that quietly uncover an expressive impulse that relates to certain human needs and desires. Maria Gamboa mines, fills and changes architectural space; Elizabeth Sibilia reveals the mechanisms supporting global trade; Kim Blodgett dissects popular media in order to question depictions of the self. By carving, cutting, and digging, each makes work that exposes the physicality of mass production.

This exhibition includes painting, sculpture, mixed media, animation, and drawings by nine artists who live and work in New York, London, Philadelphia, Providence, Los Angeles and the California Bay Area.

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