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Cirrus is very pleased to announce Open Network, the final installment of its Once Emerging Now Emerging Series as a part of Pacific Standard Time. Hinged to the website the exhibition presents itself with gestures on technology, community, innovation and performance. A comment on networking, the exhibition and website highlight important examples of artists and individuals bringing ideas of collaboration and presentation to the forefront of contemporary art. A great example is found in UK artist Alan Dunn’s The sounds of ideas forming, CD editions, 2008-date; a listening station compiled from over 200 tracks put together by the artist retrieved through artists varying from Lydia Lunch to a German audio transcribed from a letter by Gerhard Richter. Envisioned by the gallery’s founder Jean Milant, Open Network and propose a context built on a history that expands upon the future of where and how art is exhibited. Cirrus has also invited the gallery Actual Size to mount an exhibition that presents several artists in the gallery’s lead up to a book exhibition at their Chinatown location later this year.

Artists and Groups Include: (Lucy Chinen and Emilie Gervais), Chris Burden, Andrew Cox, Allen Dunn, Michael Decker, Eternal Telethon, Corey Fogel, Jack Goldstein, Peregrine Honig, Human Resources, Geoff Tuck and Justin Thomas Schaefer.

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