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For its third Pacific Standard Time exhibition, The Visitation, Cirrus explores literal and abstract relationships of artists and the art community. Uniquely, this exploration doesn’t exist solely in Southern California, but branches out to New York and Europe. The Visitation negotiates artists’ and gallerists’ travels, re-locations and tourism. Information from Cirrus and Los Angeles’ gallery districts are re-examined in relationship to the artists and communities in which they have interacted, made exchanges and built relationships over time. Examples in this can be found in historic and current temporary re-locations by New York galleries in L.A. and visiting artists alike. The abstracted relationships are found in more traditional forms of object and creative practice, highlighting the very content we as artists have built relations upon in the community.

Artists include: Vito Acconci, Lynda Benglis, Minami Haynes (Hawaii), Michael Haight, Yunhee Min, Patrick Meagher (NY-Silvershed), Paul Sharits, Quint Stevenson (NY-Thompkins Projects), Actual Size Los Angeles, Peter Demos (NY), Ted Gahl (NY), Justin Gainan (Kansas City, MO), Terje Nicolaisen (Norway; 18th St. Center for the Arts resident). Curated by Aaron Wrinkle and Jean Milant

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