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Cirrus is pleased to present The Latest Fiction, an exhibition of new video and photography from emerging artists in Berlin and Los Angeles. Approaching video in distinct and divergent practices, these four artists extrapolate on the conventions of the medium and investigate its possibilities.

Continuing their investigation of performance for video, B&T enter a new arena where flash photography, air horns, and undulating spectator excitement are encouraged. They’re finally defending themselves with everything they’ve got, while offending each other in the process. If you can mustard up the courage to contend with the final outcome, you might be surprised to find out whose side you’re on.

Isabell Spengler’s film Permanent Residents combines extreme costume design with staged documentation of everyday activities in the urban space of Los Angeles. The costumes point to a collective imaginary world, which consists of the floating signifiers of pop-icons, myths and social fictions.

An aging newspaper collection, Busby Berkeley fantasies, and pagan orchestration come together in a magical musical work from Kelly Sears.

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