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Cirrus Gallery is pleased to present a new installation work by Charlotte F. Smith, THE UNTITLED SCRIPT OF The Janes’ childhood semidetached suburban nuclear family home pantry under the stairs, Acts I and II.

This ambitious project was initially conceived as a self-published, limited edition book, the text of which serves as a component of the first of two “acts” which comprise the project’s “book-performance.”

In addition to the book, Act I includes a gallery installation, consisting of wall hangings, domestic props, and video projections.

A separate installation and performance piece constitutes Act II. This installation, referred to by the artist as a “confessional,” has a more transient character, with elements changed and added throughout the duration of the show.

The artist’s performance will coincide with the final day of the show.

Charlotte F. Smith is an artist and writer, living and working in Los Angeles where she recently completed her MFA Interdisciplinary Studio at UCLA.

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