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Siebran Versteeg, ANChORESs

Siebran Versteeg

ANChORESs, 2015

algorithmically generated image printed on canvas

60" x 90"


Despina Stokou, Recently Used #8892

Despina Stokou

Recently Used #8892, 2015

Charcoal and collage on linen

72" x 48"


Barbara T Smith, Field Piece

Barbara T Smith

Field Piece, 1971

Early tele-type computer print-out programmed with IBM punch chards to creare an image used as mailer for her show at the orginal Cirrus Gallery

15" x 11"

Cirrus Archive proof, NFS, Treachery of Images (Michael Ray-Von, Carlos Solares, and Patrick Best)

Treachery of Images (Michael Ray-Von, Carlos Solares, and Patrick Best), 2015

Text-based adventure game cataloguing exhibtion 

The game can be played at

Dennis Oppenheim, Ghost Trip

Dennis Oppenheim

Ghost Trip, 1976

3 parts: offset printed photos, folded topographical map

30" x 111.5"


Eddo Stern, Vietnam Romance

Eddo Stern

Vietnam Romance, 2015

video game presenting a fictionalized history of the Vietnam War in a culturally commodified mash-up told in 9 sequences 

Courtesy of the artist, NFS

Lee Mullican, Untitled (from Shatter Special)

Lee Mullican

Untitled (from Shatter Special), 1985

digital print produced on an early personal computer

IBM 5170 PC AT in a lab at UCLA from 1982-1988

22.375" x 24"

Exhibition proof, courtesy of the Lee Mullican estate 

Eva Sonneman, Discus Thrower

Eva Sonneman

Discus Thrower, 1998

Polaroid Sonnegram 

20" x 24" , Edition of 3


Tyler Mattew Oyer, Marque #68

Tyler Mattew Oyer

Marque #68, 2015

Acrylic on canvas

46" x 26"



Susanne Lacy, Anatomy Lesson no1: Chickens Coming Home to Roost

Susanne Lacy

Anatomy Lesson no1: Chickens Coming Home to Roost (For Rose Mountain and Pauline), 1975-1976

postcards from video performace 

4 parts: 5" x 7" each

Kutlug Ataman, Animated Words - Nothing

Kutlug Ataman

Animated Words - Nothing, 1998

Polaroid, Sonnegram 

20" x 24", Edition of 3


Ed Ruscha, Waves of Advancing Technology

Ed Ruscha

Waves of Advancing Technology, 1983

Watercolor on paper 

23" x 29" 



Seth Price, Dispersion

Seth Price

Dispersion, 2002

Changing 20 page essay from his web page, distrubedhistory and orginally concieved in NYC for the exhibtion Free (curated by Bettina Fincke)

8.5" x 11"

Barbara Kruger, You're Right

Barbara Kruger

You're Right, 2010


9" x 24", Edition of 200



Ida Applebrog, But I Wasn't There: A Performance

Ida Applebrog

But I Wasn't There: A Performance, 1979

3 book examples 

("I Mean It", "You'll See", and "Say Something")

7.75" x 6.25" each


Cirrus Archive copy, NFS

Guy de Point, A Lady and Two Popes

Guy de Point

A Lady and Two Popes, 1978

Ink on paper 

25.5" x 40.125"


Paul Chan, Sade For Fonts Sake

Paul Chan

Sade For Fonts Sake, 2009

DVD containing a set of 21 computer fonts and a collection of digital artworks 

Available for purchase through, $70

Kim Jones, Mud Man: Performance Stills

Kim Jones

Mud Man: Performance Stills, 1981

mimeograph on paper 

4 parts: 8.5" x 11" each 

Cirrus Archive Copy, NFS

John Baldessari, Teaching a Plant the Alphabet

John Baldessari

Teaching a Plant the Alphabet, 1972

Digital video from B&W 8mm film of the same, complete with sound 

Runtime - 18:40 

Exhibition only, archive copy courtesy of EAI

Bruce Nauman, Raw War

Bruce Nauman

Raw War, 1971


22.5" x 28.5", Edition of 100


Cirrus Archive proof, NFS

Ed Kienholz, For A Mitre Saw (From a series of works by the artist used as "trade")

Ed Kienholz

For A Mitre Saw (From a series of works by the artist used as "trade"), 1969

Inkstamp and watercolor on woven paper 

12" x 16"



Chris Burden, Untitled

Chris Burden

Untitled, 1974

Lithograph with hand-coloring 

20" x 16" 


Cirrus Archive Proof, NFS

Eleanor Antin, 100 Boots

Eleanor Antin

100 Boots, 1971-1973

Halftone reproductions on 51 cards

7 examples: 4.5" x 7" each 

Cirrus Archive copy, NFS

Miranda July, Somebody

Miranda July

Somebody, 2014

Digital video made in conjuction with the app 

Runtime - 10:15

Courtesy of the artist and Miu Miu

David Hockney, Views of the Sea

David Hockney

Views of the Sea, 1989

India ink, crayon, gouache, and uni-paint marker on paper 

8 1/2" x 11" 

copyright David Hockney 

Photo Credit: Richard Schmidt

David Hockney, Geometric Waves

David Hockney

Geometric Waves, 1989

India ink, crayon, gouche, and uni-paint marker on paper

8 1/2" x 11" 

copyright: David Hockney 

Photo credit: Richard Schmitt

Brice Bischoff, Night Drive

Brice Bischoff

Night Drive, 2014

Projection on unique C-print mounted on sintra, neon burns, archival inkjet, aluminum, and UV lamination 

5.5" x 13" x 52"


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