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Another Dimension Please, 2019 by Thomas Linder Fiberglass in basswood frame  38 x 25 in.   $6500

Another Dimension Please, 2019

Fiberglass in basswood frame

38 x 25 in. 


QR code Audio

This QR code brings you to a sound piece made by Linder specifically for the current installation of Another Dimension Please in Cirrus Windows. The recording details and distorts the duration of the artist being placed on hold and speaking with the DMV in Miami, Florida. The listener hears Linder trying to clear his record of a "driving-a-scooter-on-the-sidewalk-ticket" that he got with his friend Timo Fahler almost three years ago during Art Basel Miami. Simultaneously you can hear the sounds of the artist clipping his toenails and to playing his own "on hold" music on the guitar.


As the whole world is currently placed on hold, this audio piece recalls a distant memory getting ticket while en route to an art event where hundreds of people gatherd not wearing masks; another dimension PLEASE.



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